Reports and Transparency

In compliance with state law, KCC provides this page, which includes information about the College’s finances, bargaining agreements, employee benefits and local value. Financial documents pertaining to the KCC Foundation are included here as well.

Inquiries from media and the public should be directed to Public Information and Marketing Director and KCC FOIA Coordinator Eric Greene at or 269-966-4088. Information about FOIA requests is available at


  • KCC 2017-18 Auxiliary Fund Budget
  • KCC 2017-18 General Fund Budget
    • General Fund revenue projections:
      • 2016-17: $39,665,000
      • 2017-18: $39,310,000
    • General Fund expense projections:
      • 2016-17: $39,665,000
      • 2017-18: $39,310,000
  • Total outstanding debt: $16,115,000 (Miller Physical Education Building, Regional Manufacturing Technology Center, Binda Performing Arts Center and Davidson Visual & Performing Arts Building)
    • 2017-18 payment: $995,000

Audit Documents

Capital Outlay Plans

Benefits & Contracts