Program Initiative Grants

KCC employees have the opportunity to apply for a Program Initiative Grant through the KCC Foundation. These grants are awarded yearly based on innovative concepts, the grant’s ability to directly impact students and the connection between the College and Foundation missions. Applicants must be employees of KCC and submit a Program Inititative Grant Guidelines and Application, which is available through the link and in the Foundation office. Deadlines are communicated as grant money is available.

College projects supported by the KCC Foundation in 2017-2018:

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OERs) help reduce students direct costs by providing low cost or free textbooks and course materials. This project was initiated, planned and implemented by the KCC OER Taskforce in an effort to encourage more faculty to adopt or adapt an OER textbook for their courses. In the Fall, seven full time faculty members committed to work on a total of ten courses. In the Spring, eleven faculty members committed to working on a total of eleven courses.

Training Stethoscopes for Nursing Department

These training stethoscopes can be used by 2 students, or a student an an instructor simultaneously. This project will allow nursing students to interact with their instructor prior to their validation. This additional training device will help students in measurement of blood pressure, apical heart rate and rhythm, heart sounds, lung sounds and bowl sounds; these will be used in the classroom, the lab and in clinical sessions.

LED Lighting Project in the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The lighting for the LRC (which houses the library, computer labs, study rooms and classrooms) is on an average of 4,160 hours a year. This project, led by Phi Theta Kappa, focused on replacing the lights in the common areas and office areas on all floors.