Program Initiative Grants

KCC employees have the opportunity to apply for a Program Initiative Grant through the KCC Foundation. These grants are awarded yearly based on innovative concepts, the grant’s ability to directly impact students and the connection between the College and Foundation missions. Applicants must be employees of KCC and submit a Program Inititative Grant Guidelines and Application, which is available through the link and in the Foundation office. Deadlines are communicated as grant money is available.

College projects supported by the KCC Foundation in 2016-2017:

Brain Specimen

With the purchase of a permanently donated brain specimen from the University of Michigan, students can increase their understanding of the human brain, its function and its structure. KCC Social Science faculty have a teaching aid that supports a variety of areas of instruction including psychology, human development, neurology, healthcare, sociological/social issues and more.

Campus-Wide Recycling Improvements

This recycling and green energy improvement project was initiated, planned and implemented by the Phi Theta Kappa Student Honor Society at Kellogg Community College for their annual college project. This award was used to purchase aesthetically-pleasing and functional recycling bins to help improve recycling awareness and consistency at all college locations. PTK partnered with the Sustainable Environment Student Organization and also received financial support from the Battle Creek Community Foundation, Calhoun County and Kellogg Community College to complete the project.

Drawing Tablets for Graphic Design, Photography and Animation

These computer input devices enable students to hand draw images, animations, and graphics with a special pen-like stylus on the surface of a tablet, similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper, which immediately transfers to the computer/application as a drawing. This project gives students the opportunity to work on real-world projects with technology that is used in real-world offices giving them real world experiences.

Mathematics Calculators

An important tool in the classroom, the purchase of TI-nspire CX CAS calculators helps all levels of students from developmental through advanced mathematics by allowing the added support of seeing the connections between real world concepts and mathematics both graphically and algebraically.

Nurse Tim Subscription

Provides 12 months of unlimited access to 100+ live and recorded webinars to assist both full time and part time KCC nursing faculty in improving the educational experience for students. Having access to current and evidence-based information can improve overall student retention and success, particularly with the National State Board of Nursing exam.

TopHat Learning Platform

TopHat is an innovative and interactive classroom learning platform that utilizes students’ cell phones, tablets or computers and enables embedding customized Open Educational Resources from various providers. TopHat gets students engaged and attending lectures by transforming lecture halls into places where interactive experiences happen.