Instrumental Music FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ page for the Kellogg Community College’s Instrumental Music area which is part of the Arts and Communication Department. Here you will find answers to some often asked questions. Please feel free to send your inquiry to the Music Area Coordinator, Dr. Gerald Blanchard at In the meantime, please scroll down and review some of the more popular questions often asked.

Students with a degree or  in music can find employment in any number of fields including but not limited to music education, private studio instruction, music resource consultant, church musician, choir director and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

What can I do with a music degree? See link: Click Here!

Music Director, Performer, Teacher, Conductor

Instrument/Equipment Salesperson

Church Music Director, Restoration Specialist

Sound Technician, Accompanist

Business Manager, Musicologist

Ethnomusicologist, Promoter, Booking Agent

Restoration Specialist, Music Retailer, Public Relations

And much more!

Our program provides ample performance opportunities to both students and community members.

Music Series - Band

What is the time commitment when joining a KCC instrumental ensemble?

ANSWER: This varies as it is dependent on the individual ensemble and their programming schedule for the semester. However, in short, it is important to plan for rehearsal time (as indicated on the course syllabi), practice time and the performance schedule provided to you by the instructor. The best answer to this question can of course be provided by the instrumental director of the specific instrumental ensemble.

Is there an audition process?

ANSWER: For the KCC Jazz Band and the CMS Concert Band, the answer is no. However for the Cereal City Concert Band, the answer is yes. However, for all three of the organizations, you must have had some prior musical experience.

Are there any off campus performances?

ANSWER: Yes. Mostly the ensembles perform on campus, but on special occasions will present special programming at local community and civic location off campus. However, the KCC Jazz Band will on occasion give an out of town presentation as part of a concert tour. Most recently the ensemble performed at the Elmhurst Jazz Festival in Illinois.

Will I need to provide my own musical instrument to participate in band or to take instrumental music lessons?

ANSWER: Yes, however in limited cases, there are a few instruments available on loan from the college. However participants are encouraged to provide their own.

Our Ensembles and Affiliates

Community Music School Concert Band

  • MUSI 160-01 (1 credit)
  • Laura Hirleman, director

Cereal City Concert Band

  • MUSI C160-01 ( no credit)
  • Sam Mclihagga, director

KCC Jazz Band

  • MUSI 161-01 ( 1 credit)
  • MUSI C161-01 (no credit)
  • Tom Lockwood, director

Instrumental Music Faculty

Keyboard Studies

  • Nancy Brown, staff accompanist
  • Kathy Cary, piano/organ
  • Sara Cleland, piano
  • Cynthia Fillmore-Garn, staff accompanist
  • Paula Krontz-Harris, piano
  • Dr. Mark Wells, piano/harpsichord

Instrumental Studies

  • Eric Campbell, trumpet
  • Paul Freeburn, guitar/electric bass
  • Laura Hirleman, sax/clarinet
  • Pamela “Elle” Ingalls, violin
  • Stephen Johnkoski, trombone
  • Robert Mulligan, percussion (drum set)