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The intensive Photography and Multimedia Degree and Photography and Multimedia Certificate degree programs at Kellogg Community College prepares students for entering the diverse fields of photography and multimedia. Working professionals and employers designed the curriculum to develop individuals who thrive in fast-paced work environments and prepare students to use state-of-the-art technology with artistic expression. Graduates of this program are well-rounded individuals, with a background adaptable to a variety of media related fields.

The curriculum blends traditional film and digital media technologies while encouraging technical proficiency and aesthetic awareness of photography, multimedia, animation, visual art, video capture and editing, sound capture and editing, web design, and graphic design as both an art form and a professional medium of communication.

A Photography and Multimedia Associate or Certificate degree from Kellogg Community College allow for successful professional employment or transfer for continued photographic education with a bachelor’s degree. In the past students have successfully transferred to the Art Institute of Chicago, the California Institute of Arts, the College of Santa Fe, the Columbus College of Art & Design, the San Francisco Art Institute, Kendall College of Art and Design, The University of the Arts, and Western Michigan University.

Career potentials include:
Professional Photographer Commercial Photographer Staff Photographer
Photojournalist Photography Lab Technician Film Production Crew
Gallery Representative Sales Small Business Owner Multimedia Firm Assistant
Website Designer Production Studio Design Assistant
Animation House Assistant Studio Assistant Freelance Artist

The photography facilities, on the main campus, are among the finest in Michigan. During regular semesters these laboratory facilities are available to photography students with extended hours Monday thru Saturday. The lighting studios are equipped with tungsten and electronic flash lighting equipment, a large cyclorama wall, green screen and high-end Macintosh computer with capture software. Our black-and-white wet-lab facilities are fully equipped for all film formats, mural printing and historic non-silver practices. Two high-end Macintosh computer labs equipped with scanners, 44” and 17” wide-format pigmented inkjet printers support our digital imaging classes. The presentation facility includes a large window mat cutter, state-of-the-art 44”x68” hot or cold dry-mount press and laminate machine. The equipment check-out program including small, medium and large format film cameras, digital-SLR cameras, video cameras, lenses, tripods and lighting equipment is available free of charge to enrolled photography students.

A girl holds a camera during a photography class. The photography Mac lab. The photography lighting studio. The KCC darkroom. A photography class in session.

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Barbara SudeikisChair, Arts and Communication, 228 Davidson, 269-565 7976
Ryan FlathauCoordinator, Photography & Multimedia Art Program, 228H Davidson, 269-565-7880
Anne YerbySecretary, Arts & Communication, 228 Davidson, 269-565-7995

Gainful Employment Disclosure

For information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the Photography and Multimedia Certificate Program, and other important information, please review the Gainful Employment Disclosure.

The Gainful Employment Disclosure complies with the Department of Education requirement for disclosure of information about career preparation programs that result in an award at the certificate level. The intention of this information is to help students make informed career and educational choices that may lead to gainful employment. The data provided is based on enrollment from the last award year.