Corrections FAQ

Q. What is the Corrections Degree used for?

A. The Associate of Applied Science in Correction degree is designed for students who may be currently employed by a corrections agency and are seeking advancement in their career.

Q. Is a Corrections Degree the same as the Corrections Academy?

A. No, the corrections academy is separate training, however, credits earned in the corrections academy can be applied to the degree.

 Q. Does a Corrections degree qualify me for a position as a Corrections Officer?

A. The degree itself does not, however it complies with the Michigan Corrections Officer Training Council’s 15 semester credit hour requirement to take the Civil Service Exam for the Michigan Department of Corrections. The degree may also enhance your opportunities when applying for a local Corrections Officer position.

 Q. What is the difference between the Corrections Certificate and the Corrections Degree?

A. The 16-credit corrections certificate are courses that prepare you to take the Civil Service Exam. The Corrections Degree will help you in seeking advancement in your corrections career.