Law Enforcement FAQ

Is there an age limit for attending the academy?

The minimum age for attending the academy is 18; there is no maximum age.

Can I use financial aid, Michigan WORKS! or a GI Bill to pay for the academy?

Yes. Financial Aid, Michigan WORKS!, and military grants should be set up prior to acceptance in the academy by contacting the financial aid office at 269-965-3931 ext. 2617. Note: Some financial aid will not cover the application expenses or uniform costs for the academy – you will be responsible for these costs on your own.

I’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor. Does that make me ineligible for the academy?

An applicant’s past history and eligibility is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please bring any police reports and court papers to the Criminal Justice director for more information.

Will starting a workout routine help me pass the fitness test?

Yes. Starting a fitness routine as soon as possible will not only aid you in completing the fitness test, but will also assist you in successfully completing the Physical Training portion of the academy. Start now, and stay with it!

How many academies do you have, and when do they run?

We currently only run one academy each year, which starts at the beginning of September and runs until the end of May.

Are books included in the cost of the academy?

We will only provide you with books that are not available to the general public. Other books for classes are available the Bruin Bookstore; please take your class schedule with you to the bookstore to see what books are needed.