Public Safety FAQ

What is the difference in the Public Safety Degree and the Law Enforcement Degree?

The Law Enforcement degree includes the police academy and prepares a student to become a Law Enforcement Officer within the State of Michigan. The Public Safety degree includes the police academy, as well as Firefighter I and II certification, and prepares a student to work at a Public Safety Department (Police/Fire/EMS) within the State of Michigan.

What are the additional requirements of the degree beyond the Law Enforcement Degree?

A student must complete a state approved Firefighter I and II course to obtain a Public Safety Degree.

How do I get my Firefighter I and II certification?

Information on attending course can be found through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) on the State of Michigan website, located at

Can I get both the Law Enforcement Degree and the Public Safety Degree?

Yes, but you must successfully complete both the Police Academy and Firefighter I and II.

Do I have to have the Public Safety Degree to apply for a position at a Public Safety Department?

No, but having the degree before you apply will make you more marketable.