ECE Program Options

Program Information Guidelines

Student clearances and student liability insurance

Early Childhood and Teacher Education students are required to observe children, and may be asked to complete brief work experiences in group settings. Please print and read the ECE Program Information Guidelines.

Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education

The two-year Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education prepares students to work in positions such as a Lead Preschool Teacher, Licensed Home Day Care Provider, Assistant Teacher, Child Caregiver, Infant/Toddler Teacher and Center/Program Director. Graduates will find work opportunities in programs like Head Start, State Preschool Readiness programs, child care centers, and preschools. Courses are available face-to-face and may be online.

The planned two-year program is approximately 62 credit hours. Previous students may be able to transfer earned college credit into the program. Courses may include:

  • Child Growth and Development
  • Positive Child Guidance
  • Child Psychology
  • Working with Children with Special Needs
  • Child Care Administration
  • Anti-Bias Curriculum
  • Creative Arts and Movement for Young Children.

Contact the Early Childhood & Teacher Education office at 269-965-3931, ext. 2109, or by email

Earning Your 4-year Degree

Kellogg Community College Early Childhood Program announces partnerships with:

Miller College Elementary Program, Spring Arbor University and Western Michigan University.

After completing an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, students may be eligible to enter one of these advanced programs as a junior.

Please call the Early Childhood & Teacher Education office for further details at 269-965-3931, extension 2109.

Have you studied Child Development in high school or through 4C classes (Child Care Resources)?

You may be able to earn credit toward an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education at area high schools. Students who have completed BASICS training with Child Care Resources may be able to earn 1 credit hour toward the completion of their 2-year Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. For more information contact the Early Childhood and Teacher Education Office at 269.965.3931, ext 2109.

Field Experience Statement:

Field experiences help students to refine and polish best practices and give staff an opportunity to influence student practice. A student must spend a minimum number of clock hours in the field of early childhood and education in order to earn either the Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education or the Associate of Elementary Education. Program staff believe students must work with children and adolescents before receiving a degree stating they are competent in supporting young children’s and adolescent’s healthy growth and development.

This belief is supported by National Standards of Early Childhood Education, Education, and by State mandates of staff requirements. The Programs recognize how busy some students are in their everyday lives. In order to support student efforts to earn credentials, the Program does try to work and accommodate student schedules when possible including the use of some paid work experience towards the completion of internships and observation hours when applicable. If a student has a question regarding the field experience requirements, he or she should contact the Early Childhood and Teacher Education office at: 269-965-3931, ext. 2109, or at