Dental Hygiene

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Dental hygiene can be an exciting and rewarding career in which you can make a difference helping others. Dental hygienists provide educational, preventive and therapeutic services in a variety of health care settings including private practices, school systems, public health delivery systems, hospitals, long term care facilities, HMO’s, research centers, industry, dental supply companies, veterinarian dentistry, military bases, government agencies, and higher education. Dental hygienists are also in demand in other countries.

Dental hygienists are professional oral health care providers who can provide treatment to prevent oral diseases, under the supervision of a dentist. The scope of practice includes the following clinical services: reviewing medical and dental health histories; blood pressure screenings; oral cancer screenings ; oral health instruction; dental charting; periodontal assessment; non-surgical periodontal therapy including scaling and root planning, oral irrigation, and applying chemotherapeutic agents; oral prophylaxis; fluoride therapies; sealant application; nutritional counseling; tobacco cessation program; radiographs; athletic mouth protectors and other services delegated by the dentist. The State of Michigan allows a dental hygienist to administer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide conscious sedation under the direct supervision of a dentist.

Our Program

Kellogg Community College’s Dental Hygiene Program is committed to preparing competent dental hygienists in a two year program of study. For more information on candidate application and selection, please view our Admissions Criteria.