Mission & Goals

Dental Hygiene students work on patients in KCC's Dental ClinicThe dental hygiene profession, as an integral part of the health care team, demands individuals who have been instructed in the psychosocial, biophysical and technical elements of the dental hygiene process of care. Dental hygiene practitioners must be able to effectively interact with patients, other professionals and the community. They must be able to apply current knowledge of prevention to address the changing societal and oral health needs. Kellogg Community College’s Dental Hygiene Department is committed to educating dental hygienists who will provide quality oral health services and education for and to the public; foster leadership and innovation in health promotion issues; appreciate cultural diversity and respect for the individual; and demonstrate the highest standards of honesty, integrity, accountability and ethics.

The goals of our department are stated here and reflect our commitment to the dental hygiene student, to the professional development of the registered dental hygienist and to advancing the profession of dental hygiene.

KCC’s Dental Hygiene Department will:

  1. Prepare a competent, entry level dental hygienist as defined by the KCC Dental Hygiene Competency Statement.
  2. Maintain a contemporary dental hygiene program that reflects relevant and current dental hygiene theories, practices and educational methods.
  3. Provide a dental hygiene curriculum that integrates general education, biomedical sciences, dental sciences and dental hygiene sciences.
  4. Maintain an admissions philosophy which promotes a diverse and qualified student body.
  5. Provide opportunities to the dental hygienist for professional growth and development through lifelong learning experiences.
  6. Respond to the oral health needs of the community by providing therapeutic, educational and preventive dental hygiene services.