The nursing educational community shares in the mission of Kellogg Community College. By providing excellent educational experiences, we support scholarly endeavors for all individuals who have achieved admission to the various Nursing Programs. Our Nurse Educators serve as facilitators of the learning process, encouraging all students to achieve their potential. As members of the academic community, students are accountable partners in the learning process which incorporates evidence based practice, critical thinking, and life long learning. Students are prepared to practice as beginning nurse generalists to meet health care needs in a global society. We expect that every member of our academic community will adopt and enhance this mission.


The statement of philosophy expands on the mission of the nursing education community and further articulates beliefs that have been integrated throughout the curriculum. The philosophy of the Kellogg Community College Nursing Department evolves from beliefs regarding the student, nursing discipline, and nursing education to prepare the beginning nurse generalist to practice in a global and rapidly changing health care environment.

Each student brings diverse attitudes, knowledge, skills, life experiences, learning needs and styles that require varied approaches to the learning process.

Nursing is a dynamic discipline generated from a professional body of knowledge, skills, values, meanings and experiences. Through autonomous and collaborative decision making, the nurse applies the related core competencies of which include caring, communication, critical thinking, evidence based practice, and professionalism.

Nursing education is research based; reflective of health care trends, incorporating innovation, technology, and creative instructional methods. Nurse Educators design student-centered, individualized learning experiences for diverse student populations. The role of the Nurse Educator is one of guiding, facilitating, and mentoring the learner to promote the value of life-long-learning within the nursing profession.

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Approved and Authorized by the Michigan Board of Nursing

Gainful Employment Disclosure

For information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the Practical Nursing Certificate Program, and other important information, please review the Gainful Employment Disclosure.

The Gainful Employment Disclosure complies with the Department of Education requirement for disclosure of information about career preparation programs that result in an award at the certificate level. The intention of this information is to help students make informed career and educational choices that may lead to gainful employment. The data provided is based on enrollment from the last award year.