Nurse Aide Training

CNA students pose for a group photo in class.

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Kellogg Community College’s Nursing Assistant Training Program is an 80.5-hour credited NURS 105 course approved by the Michigan Department of Community Health. The training program prepares students to take the Michigan Nursing Assistant Test to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). KCC offers the program throughout the year in full-semester or expedited three-week options; see a schedule of programs offered this fall below.

The Nurse Aide Training Program at KCC consists of classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction with an emphasis on long-term care and the integration of concepts from acute care and home health care. Classroom hours focus on theory while laboratory hours focus on the attainment of skills that are necessary for the nursing assistant to possess. Clinical hours focus on implementing skills obtained in the laboratory and take place in a long-term care setting.

For more information about KCC’s Nurse Aide Training Program, view our Nurse Aide Training Program Information Sheet, which includes answers to common questions about the Nurse Aide Training Program at KCC. If you still have questions after reading this sheet, email your questions to the contacts listed below. Contact KCC’s Financial Aid Department with questions about financial aid.

Fall 2015 CNA Training


Dates Location
Sept. 14-Oct. 1 Eastern Academic Center
Oct. 26-Nov. 12 Eastern Academic Center

Battle Creek

Dates Location
Sept. 14-Oct. 1 North Avenue campus
Oct. 5-Oct. 22 North Avenue campus
Oct. 26-Nov. 12 North Avenue campus
Nov. 23-Dec. 10 North Avenue campus
Sept. 22-Dec. 10 North Avenue campus


Dates Location
Oct. 5-Oct. 22 Grahl Center
Nov. 23-Dec. 10 Grahl Center
Sept. 21-Dec. 7 Grahl Center


Pamela Edwards-Foy, RN
Nurses Aide Training Program Coordinator
Phone: 269-965-3931 ext. 2362

Michigan Nursing Assistant Testing

Kellogg Community College is a regional test site for Michigan Nurse Assistant Testing. This is an examination for those who have completed their clinical skills training in a nursing assistant program. All candidates must have an authorization to test, and be preregistered.

All candidates will receive detailed information about the documentation required for testing. A current government issued photo identification with signature (driver’s license, passport, Michigan ID card) and second identification with your signature (Social Security card, credit card, ATM card, etc.) are required to take the examination. This examination has very strict guidelines for identification and payment, and includes a demonstration of clinical skills and a written portion, which is computer-based.

Schedule your examination by calling the Nursing Department at 269-965-3931 ext. 2318. Questions about Nurse Aide Training at KCC can be directed to KCC’s Nursing Department at 269-965-3931 ext. 2362.