Radiography Careers

Person being prepared for an X-ray Radiographer (radiologic technologist) is a title applied to professionals specially trained in administering ionizing radiation (X-rays) for the purpose of diagnosing and treating disease. The Radiography Program at Kellogg Community College prepares students for a career as a radiographer, a health professional responsible for administering radiation as directed by a physician for the purpose of diagnosing disease.

Radiographers are qualified to operate radiographic (X-ray) equipment, perform radiographic procedures, evaluate radiographs (X-rays) for technical quality and adequate demonstration of anatomical structures, provide patient care essential to radiographic procedures, evaluate the performance of radiographic equipment and provide optimum radiation protection for the patient, self and other staff members.

Although radiographers are trained to recognize certain pathologic conditions that may affect the outcome and quality of their normal routines, radiographers are not qualified to make a diagnosis based on radiographic findings or to inform the patient of the results of a radiologic procedure.