Individualized Instruction

What is Individualized Instruction?

Individualized instruction is designed to give you the flexibility of self-paced learning environment at a time that is convenient for you. You decide the day, time, and location you wish to work on your course work. You can complete your assignments at home or in one of our labs where we can assist you. Each course has a start date and must be completed by the end of the semester. You will be provided with up-to-date training in the latest MS Office and computer software technology.

How to begin

It begins with orientation. Orientation for your class will begin on the first day of the semester. Please bring a copy of your course(s) schedule and report to one of the following labs; Battle Creek or Coldwater. For more information at Coldwater, contact Dennis Easler for orientation hours. For the Battle Creek lab, click here. Review student orientation in the following video.

Class Orientations

Student Orientation

Keyboarding Orientation (OIT 109, OIT 110, OIT 111, and OIT 112)


Moodle Orientation (OIT 109, 110,111, 112, 192, 193, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 226, 228, 229, 241, 243, and 245)


SNAP 2013 Orientation (OIT 176, 177, 178; OIT 181, 182, 183; OIT 184, 185; and OIT 187, 188, 189)



OIT Lab Locations

  • North Avenue campus in the Ohm Information Technology Center, room OIT-106, 450 North Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49017, 269-565-2049
  • Grahl Center, rooms GC-113 and GC-115, 125 Seeley St., Coldwater, MI 49036, 517-278-3300

Student Resources

16SP_StuInfo (PDF)

16SP_DueDates (PDF)

16SP_StaffHours (PDF)

Keyboarding Resources

Keyboarding (GDP11) Login

Online Keyboarding Support

Touch Type Study

Moodle Resources

Moodle Login

Moodle Support

SNAP 2013 Resources

SNAP 2013 Login

SNAP 2013 Registration Guide (PDF)

SNAP 2013 Student User Guide SNAP 2013 FAQ’s (PDF)

MyIt Lab Resources

MyItLab Login

Student Support

Medical Terminology Resources


Health Reference Center Academic

Additional Student Support

The Pocket Prof (PDF)

OIT Course Prerequisites (PDF)

OIT Degree Programs, Certificates and Career Outlook (PDF)


Copy Files from CD to a Flash Drive


 Formatting a Flash Drive


Naming a Flash Drive & Adding a Word Document


KCC Web Portal

Bruin/Portal Login

Web Portal Help

Career Opportunities

KCC Job Board


OIT Staff