Physical Science

Stock photo of planet Earth from outer space. Including Astronomy, Physical Geography, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Field Investigations in Environmental Studies

These courses feature learning about space, our planet and our natural environment. They also fulfill KCC General Education Science requirements.

Topics such as climate change, how to view the night sky or the movement of the tectonic plates are often relevant to our everyday lives. Classroom activities are largely hands-on with instruments like telescopes, globes and even 3-D geographic mapping software.

We hope that you’ll find that KCC science is challenging, fun and rewarding.

Alumni Testimonial

Here’s what one alumnus has to say about his studies at KCC.

William (L.B.) LaForce, CMU Meterology graduate, now an AccuWeather weather modeling analyst

“Everyone assumes that if you attend a community college, the classes are easier.  This is not the case at KCC. I gained a quality education with smaller class sizes. You have more one-on-one time with you professors so you can learn and understand the material better.”