Careers in Human Services

The first associate degree human services program was developed in 1966. Human Services is an independent discipline just as other mental health curriculums such as social work, counseling, and psychology. One of the clarifying differences between human services and the other disciplines is that the foundation of human services is supported by an integration of the other disciplines. A comprehensive human services program offers information of a systems theory as included in the study of social work. It offers the study of models used to work effectively with individual clients, small groups, and families as included in the study of counseling. It also introduces the study of human behavior, a primary study of psychology. With the unique integration of studies, the discipline of human services has a generic orientation to working with diverse clients in various settings.

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Is a career in Human Services for you?

In describing your personal characteristics, would you say that you …
are sensitive — interested in others and the personal welfare of others.
have personal presence — respectful and genuinely involved in your interpersonal interactions.
have compassion and empathy — respond to the needs of others with concern and understanding.
are flexible and willing to receive feedback — openly consider feedback offered by others and make changes in your attitudes and behavior.
have integrity — demonstrate self-respect and respect for others in your interactions.
model — model functional human behavior and coping processes.
have insight — capacity for perceiving, understanding abstracting, and generalizing from professional sources and personal experiences.