Political Science

Businessmen discussing political mapPolitical science is the study of how governments work and interrelate. Political systems effect our lives every day. Understanding how political systems impact lives globally is important to overall career success. Political systems support how cities and towns make decisions, how much we pay in taxes, and whether not countries enter wars.

What Do Political Scientists Do?

Political scientists study public policy and political systems. Occupations related to political science include: teaching, civil service, journalism, sociology, law, business fields, and health occupations.

Who Benefits from Taking a Political Science Course?

  • People who are interested in a job in the fields of: education, health, business, journalism, writing, and finance;
  • Individuals who enjoy problem solving and critical thinking; and
  • People interested in current events and the status of the world.

Why is Political Science Important?

United States democracy and freedom depends upon active participation. In today’s world, political systems interrelate on a global bases as businesses, economies, and people strive for career and personal success. It is challenging to find a career in today’s world which will not benefit from a strong foundation in Political Science.

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