A sunlit path through treesPsychology is the science of human behavior and the mind. The field of psychology divides itself in specific areas of concentration such as clinical, family, and criminal psychology. Psychology is a fascinating field of study promoting greater understanding of concepts like child development, biological foundations of behavior, emotion, thinking, and brain development.

Who Benefits from Taking a Psychology Course?

Today’s careers can be competitive and most occupations require individuals to think critically and to interact with diverse populations. Psychology helps to prepare people to be success in any career since it promotes critical thinking and helps to sharpen communication skills. Psychology teaches individuals about human behavior which may assist in creating and developing projects depending upon human interest such as: business sales, marketing, game development, education programming, and criminal justice.

Any student interested in a career in education, health, business, skilled trades, criminal justice, and human services will benefit from a course in psychology.

New for Fall 2014

Course Description Credits
PSYC 240: Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis Learn about the principles of conditioning and learning and behavior analysis with Professor Donn Montgomery. 3
PSYC 285: Introduction to Neuropsychology Learn about the study of the relationships between behaviors, memory, emotions and brain function with Professor Shawn Talbot. 3

Why is Psychology Important?

Psychology helps us to better understand health and illnesses, to solve everyday problems, and to how the mind and body work together.

What Type of Careers are Available?

Psychology career choice are vast and may include:

  • Forensic psychology
  • Genetics counseling
  • Clinical and family psychology
  • Sports psychology
  • Career psychology

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