Calhoun County Medical Control Authority

EMT Class

The Calhoun County Medical Control Authority (CCMCA) operates under Public Act 368 of 1978 Section 333.20918 of Michigan law. It is responsible for the oversight and direction of all pre-hospital medical operations as defined by the law. This includes ambulance services, medical first response organizations, fire departments that respond to medical emergencies, and non-ambulatory transport services. The establishment of the CCMCA allowed for the use of Advanced Life Support (ALS) by pre-hospital providers in the county.

Procedure Forms

These forms are utilized for the evaluation of special occurrences within the Calhoun County EMS system. Any complaints must include your name, address (may be business) and contact number. You may be kept anonymous.

Special Procedure Form – Paramedic

Pre-hospital Special Variance

MFR Procedure

PPP Agency App

Paramedic Protocol Provider Agency Version is a free version of Paramedic Protocol Provider that provides quick offline access to the field treatment protocols.

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