EMS Licensing Process

Emergency Medical Services State of Michigan / National Registry Licensing Process

Examination / License Application

Upon successful completion of a certificate of study, the didactic instructor within one of the final courses in the sequence will issue an application to the student for examination by the National Registry. Successful completion of the National Registry practical and written examination is used to apply for a State of Michigan license. Registry certification may also be used to apply for licensing in other states where it is accepted. The Registry Examination form will be completed in the following classes:

  • Medical First Responder certificate, EMT 110 lecture
  • Basic EMT certificate, EMT 120
  • Specialist certificate, N/A
  • Paramedic certificate, EMT 168
  • EMS I/C, EMT 285 (State form)

KCC will attempt to make the National Registry Exam available for students to complete on the Battle Creek campus. In some situations, the exam may be held at an alternate location. KCC cannot promise the location, date or specific time of the exam for National Registry. Every effort will be made to make this as conducive to the students schedule as possible. The fees for taking the National Registry Licensing Exams are as follows:

Fee TypeMFRBEMTSpecialistParamedicEMS I/C

Registry Exam Fee
(Computer Adaptive Testing)
$65.00 $70.00 $100.00 $110.00 N/A
 Administration Fee (State)
     Practical Only (Full Retest) N/A N/A $70.00 $95.00 N/A
     Practical Only (Partial Skills Retest) N/A N/A $50.00 $70.00 N/A
Total cost for Initial Written and
Practical (if required) Exams
$95.00 $70.00 $170.00 $205.00 $30.00

This fee is set by the state and the National Registry and is accurate at the time of publishing this document. KCC assumes no responsibility for changes in the fees since this is beyond the EMS Program’s control.

National Registry Written Exam

The National Registry written exam follows a specific formula for calculating how many questions and in what categories exams are constructed. The following represents the passing score and categories for the various license levels.

ItemMFRBasic EMTSpecialistParamedic Airway & Breathing 25-3124-3027-33

 Cardiology 24 – 30 24 – 30 30 – 36
Trauma 23 – 29 21 – 29 26 – 34
Medical 21 – 27 21 – 27 26 – 34
OB/Peds 18 – 24 19 – 25 24 – 32
Operations 21 – 27 21 – 27 26 – 32
Total Items 150 150 180
Passing 70% 105 / 70% 105 / 70% 126 / 70%

For more information on the National Registry Exam, please visit www.nremt.org.

Computer Adaptive Testing

The National Registry utilizes computer adaptive testing for its written exams. This includes MFR, Basic EMT, Specialist and Paramedic. It does NOT include EMS Instructor/Coordinator. To be eligible for taking this exam, students must log online to www.nremt.org and create a personal account. The program sponsor is Kellogg Community College EMS Program (Code 147 MI). Please fill in the section number for the optional section. Use the following based on your level:

Exam LevelCourse Info.Example

MFR Use Year, Semester, Lecture class number and section “16/FA 110-02” or “17/SP 110-08”
Basic EMT Use Year, Semester, Lecture class number and section “16/FA 121-03” or “17/SU 121-01”
Intermediate (I’85) Use Year, Semester, “Specialist” “16/FA Specialist” or “17/SU Specialist”
Paramedic Use Year, Semester, “Paramedic” “17/SP Paramedic” or “18/FA Paramedic”

Note: Students must create an account by midterm of the semester that they complete a certificate level in.

Computer adaptive testing is different then a traditional written exam. Using a computer algorithm, exam question difficulty is increased or decreased depending on whether the last question was right or wrong. Eventually, a level of competency is established for the individual taking the exam. If this level meets or exceeds that set for certification, the student passes. If it does not, the student must repeat the exam at a later date. For more information on the National Registry Exam, please see the website www.nremt.org. A DVD that explains the exam is also available on the student workstations using the Virtual Drive Network program. The DVD can be found in the Miscellaneous section of EMS under “National Registry”.

Michigan Licensing Fees

Upon successful completion of the National Registry tests, students will be notified by mail within 10 days of the exam completion date. If successful on the exam results, an application for Licensing can be made to the State of Michigan. License forms can be obtained from the EMS Office or Instructors. This form, registration results and a fee must be mailed to the MDCIS licensing division to obtain a license to practice in the State of Michigan. Fees for the levels are as follows:

 Medical First Responder No Fee
 Basic EMT $40.00
 Specialist EMT $60.00
 Paramedic $80.00
 EMS Instructor-Coordinator $100.00

Registry status does not need to be maintained to re-license in the State of Michigan, however ongoing education credits do. It is the student’s responsibility to decide how and what licenses (National or State) they will maintain.