Social Science & Education

Kellogg Community College’s Social Science and Education Department is home to the College’s Social Science and Education programs. Click through the links below for information about each program.

Social Science

KCC’s Social Science Department offers instruction in a broad range of subject areas which are viewed as essential to building solid employment skills. Our rapidly changing economy needs workers who are able to critically think, analyze and pursue knowledge to help themselves and their employers thrive. Social Science careers include teachers, political scientists, social workers, psychiatrists, anthropologists, religious leaders, sociologists, historians, human service workers, early childhood specialists and teachers. For more information about Social Science programming at KCC, visit our Social Science homepage.


KCC provides supportive programming that produces great teachers. We know from experience the work you do as an educator will deeply impact the quality of people’s lives for many years to come. We are committed to helping you and your future students learn, grow and succeed by offering you the best teacher instruction and career preparation available. For more information about Education programming at KCC, visit our Education homepage.