Social Science

Kellogg Community College offers courses in a wide variety of Social Science fields. Click through the links below for information about specific Social Science programming.

KCC’s Social Science Department offers instruction in a broad range of subject areas which are viewed as essential to building solid employment skills. Our rapidly changing economy needs workers who are able to critically think, analyze and pursue knowledge to help themselves and their employers thrive. Social Science careers include teachers, political scientists, social workers, psychiatrists, anthropologists, religious leaders, sociologists, historians, human service workers, early childhood specialists and teachers.

Social Science courses support all career paths, including health sciences, education, skilled trades, criminal justice, international travel, business and creative arts. We are committed to helping students acquire these skills. We study:

Anthropology: helps us to understand how cultures have made meaning of human existence over time.

Ethics: helps us to understand the guiding principles which can enrich our personal and professional lives.

History: helps us to understand what came before us so that we may take advantage of successes and mistakes along the course of human experience.

Human Services: helps us to understand the needs of persons on their journey through life so that we may assist them through transitions and in overcoming obstacles.

International Studies and Travel: helps us to explore our world learning about new cultures and opportunities.

Philosophy: helps us to understand the ideas of the great thinkers past and present.

Political Science: helps us to understand the role of leadership and how leaders can help promote economic and social growth.

Psychology: helps us understand ourselves, those around us and our relationships with them.

Service-Learning: is a teaching and learning method that engages students in deep academic inquiry and reflection related to their field of study while they are also actively engaged in their own community.

Sociology: helps us to understand how societies have developed and how society influences us.