Honors Contracts

Honors Contract

Authority for your own learning. Honors contracts are a way for you to turn any college-level KCC course into an honors course, giving you the flexibility to take ownership over your own learning. At the beginning of the semester, you will work with your instructors to develop a unique honors project beyond the course syllabus. Once the honors project is clearly defined, you work independently on that project during the semester and seek support from your instructors as you need it; then, at the end of the semester, when you successfully complete the honors project as outlined in the contract and earn at least a B+ in the course, you will earn honors designation on your transcript.KCC 7

We strongly recommend that you attend each of your courses at the start of the semester and talk with your faculty about honors project ideas before deciding which course(s) to attempt an honors contract in. Once you’re ready to commit to an honors project in a course(s), you’re ready to start the required paperwork. Completing the honors contract is an electronic process, so first, you’ll need to download the official Honors Contract and save a copy of the form to your local computer. Complete the form, save it, and email it to your instructor. Your instructor will then forward the completed form along with their approval to Integrative Learning Department – then, you’re ready to start your honors project in your course!

You’ll want to be sure and work closely with your instructor throughout the semester as you make progress on your honors project. At the end of the semester, your instructor will notify Integrative Learning Department about the status of your honors contract and your final grade in the course.


Integrative Learning Department, Social Science Offices, Severin Building, Battle Creek, MI 49017