Service-learning endorsement

Students are able to obtain a service-learning endorsement on their official transcripts at KCC. There are several classes in a wide variety of subjects that include service-learning endorsements.

Service-learning requirementA student participates in Bruins Give Back

KCC students graduating from the 2012-13 academic catalog with an Associate in Arts, Science, General Studies, International Studies, Elementary Education or Criminal Justice are required to complete a service-learning experience. Talk with your academic advisor or the service-learning manager for more information about graduation requirements.

For an overview of how service-learning works and how to get started, check out our brochure:

Service-learning brochure (PDF)

How can you earn a service-learning endorsement? Check out this video for some options.

Once you have chosen a class, view our informational flier for suggestions on different places to serve:

Connecting through service-learning (PDF)Students participate in Bruins Give Back

Check the box labeled “Service-Learning Section” in the KRIS course search system or look for sections designated “service-learning option” or “service-learning requirement” under the class notes section. Not every section of the courses listed below offers a service-learning opportunity; please go through the KRIS system to make sure that the section you have registered for offers a service-learning endorsement. In order for a course to be designated a service-learning endorsed course, the instructor must go through service-learning endorsement training and request their section be listed as a service-learning experience.

Students participating in Bruins Give Back

Summer 2015 endorsed classes

  • SOCI-201
  • SERV-200*
  • SERV-299**

*SERV-200 is a three-credit course dedicated to the history, goals and practical application of service learning, which meets the global awareness general education requirement. Students complete at least 24 hours of service in this course. Check out the video to hear about alumnus Thomas Graham’s SERV 200 experience.

**SERV-299 is a service learning dedicated course. The course gives KCC students the opportunity to give back to our community by serving 100 hours to help create capacity for other students to serve. This course provides students with the opportunity to gain field experience within the nonprofit sector to help develop opportunities for other KCC students while learning about community need. Please check out the documents below for more information about SERV 299. Check out the video to hear about alumnus Albert Hum’s SERV 299 experience.

Fall 2014 SERV 299 flyer Information (PDF)

Fall 2014 SERV 299 Student Application (PDF)