Radiography Admissions

Important COVID-19 Health Sciences Admissions Update:

  • Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and our campus closure, the Admissions office is experiencing delays in the processing of all Selective Admissions application.
  • KCC recognizes that some students may experience the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic in the completion of their Spring 2020 course(s). Therefore, if you are registered for a required Spring 2020 course and receive a grade of Incomplete “I” or your class was canceled because of the pandemic, you may submit a Request for Consideration (RFC). The RFC process is designed for students that experience an extenuating circumstance that contributed to their inability to meet admission requirements. To begin this process, students may request the RFC form by contacting KCC’s Academic Advising office or Admissions
  • Though the College’s facilities are closed, the Spring 2020 semester is continuing in an online-only format. During this time, instructors and staff are working remotely to support online learning. Please contact the Admissions office at adm@kellogg.edufor assistance. For general help, please visit our Virtual Services KCC’s facility closure will remain in effect until Sunday, May 17th with plans to reopen on Monday, May 18th for employees; please visit for the latest information on the College’s operational status.

Applications for the 2020-21 Radiography Program will be available Jan. 15, 2020 – May 20, 2020.

Click here to view our KCC Radiography Program Web page.

Admissions Requirements

2020-2021 RADI Admissions Packet

The Radiography (RADI) Program is a competitive points-based admissions program. Points are awarded for grades in general education courses, ACT/SAT scores, degrees earned, and GPA from all accredited colleges/universities attended. Please review the above RADI Admissions Packet for more information on admissions requirements and earning points.

To Apply to the RADI Program:

Students who have completed and/or submitted all of the RADI admission requirements, please:

  • Click the blue “Radiography: Selective Admission Application” button below to access the KCC eForms system;
  • Then click “Forms”;
  • Then click on the “AM – Selective Admissions Application.”  This form will give you the option to select and complete the Fall 2020 Radiography application.
  • For additional assistance with the Selective Admission Application, see our HELP document.
Please Note: Students are only allowed to apply for one selective admissions program at a time. Submitting applications for multiple programs will alter your initial application status.

Positive Drug Screen Statement

Students with a positive drug screen will be deemed ineligible to participate in clinical education. Furthermore, as clinical education is a critical requirement of Nursing, Allied Health and Emergency Medical Services programs, the student will be dismissed from their current program of study. For students who would like to be considered for re-admission, they should refer to their program’s policy of re-admission and direct questions to the program director.