Financial Aid Notifications

All updates and notifications for Financial Aid are sent electronically. An email will be sent to students’ KCC email account providing a web link to the Financial Aid Self-Service System through the Bruin Web Portal. The email notification may include links to other websites with pertinent information related to your awards. The Self-Service System will assist students in managing their Financial Aid Package from submission to completion. To access this information, every student must have:

  • A KRIS User ID and Password
  • An active KCC student email account

In the Self-Service System, links for the required documents are provided for easy access. Please print all documents, complete them with required signatures, and submit them to the Financial Aid Office. Other documentation, such as tax information, may be requested and must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for processing and awarding. Make sure you can access the Self-Service System and your KCC student email account and check it frequently.

Apply for Admission

All new students (students who have never registered for classes at Kellogg Community College) must complete the Online Admission Application to receive a KRIS User ID and Password and a KCC student email account.

To view a checklist of documents requested by the Financial Aid Office marked “Received” or “Incomplete”:

  1. Go to the Web Portal
  2. Sign in to the Web Portal using your username and password
  3. Select Financial Aid Self-Service from the KCC Self-Service Center Menu
  4. Click on complete required documents

To access your Financial Aid Award Letter in the Self-Service System:

  1. Under the Financial Aid Counseling heading, click on Award Letter
  2. View your current Financial Aid Award Letter – (if no award letter is available, the message “Your award letter is not available at this time” will be displayed).
  3. Accept your award letter. Read the Terms & Conditions if you are approving your financial aid package.

Students who do not have a home computer may access this information from the KCC library or any other computer with Internet access.