High School Dual Enrollment

A student studying on campus.

High School Dual Enrollment

We are excited that you are planning to be a dual enrolled student at KCC! Completing college courses while you are in high school is a great way to earn credit and shorten the time it takes for you to complete a college degree. Before you begin your journey toward dual enrollment, you will need meet with your High School Guidance Counselor. Your counselor is not only an expert in education, but they are our partner in this process. If you have already met with your high school counselor, feel free to jump into the steps below. If you have questions or need a guide along the way, please contact us at (269) 965-4153 or adm@kellogg.edu.

Step One

Submit a Dual Enrollment Application and determine the path that best fits you. Your high school counselor will assist you with picking your course(s). Academic Advising at KCC is available, but talk with your counselor first.

Step Two

Complete our COMPASS assessment or submit ACT scores. Assessment or ACT scores are used to meet course prerequisites. A prerequisite is an item that must be completed before you are allowed to sign up for the course. Most (but not all) of our courses have a prerequisite of specific test scores. We can use your ACT scores for all prerequisites, except math. If you have not yet taken ACT or if your score does not meet the prerequisite requirement, we recommend you take our assessment. Click here for information about our Testing and Assessment Center.

Step Three

Before you register for classes, you will need to establish residency (address verification). The following items are needed to establish residency:

  • Picture ID – government-issued (driver’s license or state ID) or current high school ID
  • Proof of Address – official piece of mail or current high school transcript with mailing address

You are able to establish residency at the nearest campus, Admissions office, Records and Registration, or by emailing your documents to adm@kellogg.edu.

Step Four

Register online through your Bruin Web Portal after tuition approval has been submitted through your high school. If the amount the high school is paying does not cover all of your tuition and fees, you will need to sign up with our FACTS payment plan or pay in full within 24 hours from the time of registration.