High School Dual Enrollment

A student studying on campus.KCC offers several enrollment opportunities for students, including high school students. If you’re considering dual enrolling at KCC while in high school, there are several things to consider.

  • How many courses is the student able to enroll for the semester?
  • Does the student meet the course prerequisite? (See Academic Catalog for course prerequisites)
  • How old is the student? (Students under 14 years of age require department chair permission to dual enroll)
  • Is the course offered at a time that adheres to their high school schedule and activities?

What should the student have available prior to submitting their Dual Enrollment Application?

  • Valid picture ID – A government issued ID or a high school ID that is no more than one year old.
  • Proof of current address
  • Social Security Number (only required for students taking the COMPASS assessment)
  • ACT or COMPASS scores
  • High School transcript

Grahl KCC science

Listed below are the steps that each student intending on Dual Enrolling at KCC must complete EACH semester. Please review the Checklist for Dual Enrollment Students, located in the Dual Enrollment packet, prior to submitting the Dual Enrollment Application.

1. Complete a KCC Dual Enrollment Application

Each semester, Dual Enrollment students at Kellogg Community College must complete a Dual Enrollment Packet. Every Dual Enrollment Packet MUST be signed by the High School Counselor and Parent/Guardian.

2. Obtain all signatures on the KCC Dual Enrollment Application

*Student Signature
*Parent or Guardian Signature
*Counselor Signature
*Principal Signature (only required if the high school is responsible for any parts of the tuition and/or fees)

3. Provide required documentation

*ID (Please see Dual Enrollment Packet for acceptable forms of ID)
*Prerequisites: COMPASS scores/ACT scores
* Social Security Number (only required if taking COMPASS assessment)

4. Register for classes

* In Person Registration: 
1. Students may register at any KCC campus
2. The Dual Enrollment Application must be completed and submitted prior to, or at the time of registration.
3. A Registration form must be completed for in person registration.

  * Online Registration:  the following must be submitted to any KCC campus prior to registering online
1. Dual Enrollment Application
2. Picture ID and proof of residency
3. Proof of prerequisites

Questions about the KCC Dual Enrollment process or program may be directed to the Admissions office at 269.965.4153 or adm@kellogg.edu.

M-TH: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
F: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm