High School Dual Enrollment

Upward Bound studentsListed below are the conditions necessary for high school students to consider in pursuing dual enrollment at Kellogg Community College. Questions about the College’s Dual Enrollment Program may be directed to the Admissions office at 269-965-4153 or adm@kellogg.edu.

  • Each Semester, Dual Enrollment students at Kellogg Community College must complete a Dual Enrollment Packet. The student, parent or guardian, and guidance counselor/principle must sign the application
  • Regardless if the school is paying for the course(s), a Post-Secondary Tuition and Fee Approval Form must be completed with all signatures.
  • Check for course prerequisites; students must meet course prerequisites prior to enrolling.
    • Depending on course selection, student may be required to take the COMPASS assessment test.
    • In some cases, ACT scores may fulfill course prerequisites.
    • Student must attend class for the full duration of each scheduled meeting time for the entire semester.
  • Turn in all documents to KCC.
    • The student must bring the application (if applicable), registration form, and Post-Secondary Tuition and Fee Approval Form.
    • Student may turn in documents to the Admissions Office or Customer Service Center at the main campus in Battle Creek or at any of the KCC centers located in Coldwater (Grahl Center), Hastings (Fehsenfeld Center) or Albion (Eastern Academic Center).