Credit by Examination

Credit applicable toward a degree or certificate may be earned by students who demonstrate competency by examination in designated departmental courses.

Students who wish to pursue credit by examination must:

  1. Contact the chairperson of the department or coordinator of the program offering the course to schedule an appointment for the examination and/or demonstration.
  2. Complete a request for Credit by Exam form.
  3. Pay a fifty dollar ($50) examination fee in Records and Registration or at the Center office.
  4. Present the receipt to the instructor administering the examination; schedule and complete the examination.
  5. If a grade of “A,” “B” or “C” is earned, course and grade information will be added to the student’s academic record.
  6. Grades of “D” and “F” are not satisfactory for credit by exam. If such grades are earned, no course entry will be made on the student’s academic record.
  7. To have credit by examination credits recorded on your KCC transcript, you must have completed course work at KCC. Courses for which you receive a grade of “W,” “I,” “N” or Audit are not considered completed.