All Kellogg Community College students, including students who have been awarded financial aid or scholarships, must either pay their tuition and fees balance in full or enroll in a FACTS payment plan within 24 hours of registering for their classes or their classes will be dropped.

Paying for the rising costs of a college education is a concern for nearly every student. Few of us have the resources to simply write a check for the full cost of taking college classes each semester, and having a solid plan for covering the cost of college is important. KCC utilizes the FACTS payment plan to simplify the process and make college as affordable as possible for all students.

For more information about FACTS, view our online FACTS brochure, which includes FACTS enrollment instructions, or contact the KCC Business Office at 269-965-4140.

To Pay Online

  1.     Register for classes through KCC Self-Service Center
  2.     Select MAKE A PAYMENT and follow the instructions, or
  3.     Click this sign up for a payment plan link to enroll with FACTS

To Check Your Account

This service enables you to view the current status of your tuition account with FACTS Management Company.

  1.     Click this manage your payment plan link
  2.     Contact FACTS at 800-863-2287 if you require further assistance