Tuition & Fees

Kellogg Community College tuition and fee rates are detailed below. Charges per credit hour include total fees of $15, including a $3 Student Services fee and $12 technology fee per credit hour. Students who don’t initially pay for classes in full will need to set up a payment plan.

Fall 2018, Spring & Summer 2019 Tuition & Fee Rates

Tuition Fees Total
Residents $107.75 $15 $122.75
Active military $107.75 $15 $122.75
Non-residents $174.75 $15 $189.75
Indiana residents $175.75 $15 $190.75
Out-of-state/international residents $250 $15 $265
Industrial Trades instruction $200 $15 $215
K-12 Service Area DE/EC* $117.75 $15 $132.75

Fall 2018, Spring & Summer 2019 Health Program Rates

Tuition Fees Total
Residents $200 $15 $215
Active military $200 $15 $215
Non-residents $267 $15 $282
Indiana residents $268 $15 $283
Out-of-state/international residents $342.25 $15 $357.25
K-12 Service Area DE/EC* $210 $15 $225

Please note: Online courses are charged an additional fee of $20 per credit hour upon registration. Health courses (Nursing and Allied Health) are charged an additional tuition rate of $92.25 per credit hour at registration, which is included in the above costs.

*K-12 Service Area DE/EC rates are rates paid by institutions for students participating in dual-enrollment and/or early college programming and are equal to the residential tuition rate plus $10.

About Tuition & Fees

A credit hour of tuition purchases 16 contact hours of instruction. Some courses require more than 16 hours of instruction for each credit. In courses where additional instruction is provided, an excess tuition rate will be charged for each additional instructional hour.

  • Laboratory fees are charged for coursework in which specialized equipment, materials and supplies are required.
  • Senior citizens 65 years of age or over who reside within the College district may register for classes tuition-free. Other fees are payable.
  • Outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to registering. (Battle Creek library fines should be paid in the Learning Resource Center, and all other balances should be paid where registering.)

Tuition and fee rates are subject to change.

Payment Methods

Individuals paying for classes in person can make tuition and fee payments in cash at the North Avenue campus in Battle Creek or at any of the College’s regional centers. Payments are also accepted by check, money order, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX or Discover), an authorized third party billing service or through enrollment in a payment plan. Please note:

  • A $25 fee is charged for each insufficient funds check paid to KCC.
  • A $30 fee is charged by Nelnet for each insufficient payment attempt through the payment plan.

Insufficient payment will result in your classes being dropped. You must pay in full or sign up for a payment plan to re-register for classes.

To enroll in a payment plan, click here.

Payment Options

Students, including those receiving financial aid, have two payment options:

It is KCC’s policy that all students must pay in full or enroll in a payment plan within 24 hours of registration to avoid being dropped from your classes.

There is a $30 non-refundable enrollment fee each semester for activating an account in the payment plan.

Financial Aid Students

All financial aid and scholarship students must enroll in a payment plan even if an award package will cover one’s balance in full.

The $30 non-refundable enrollment fee will not be assessed until your payment plan account has been activated. You will not be activated into a payment plan until after your financial aid transmits and only if your award does not pay your account balance in full.

If you have an outstanding balance after financial aid transmits, you will be notified by Nelnet and given the option to either pay the balance in full or be automatically activated into the payment plan.

Mail Delivery

Mailings of tuition refunds and checks for financial aid balances are labeled “Postmaster Do Not Forward” or “Return Service Requested.” Undelivered mail is returned to KCC. When discrepancies are found, a hold is placed on your record, and residency must be proven by you, before any further registration or financial transactions are allowed.

Federal Income Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a tax credit (amount to subtract from your tax liability) on your federal income tax return. For official and complete details contact your tax consultant, call the IRS at 1-202-622-2970, or visit the IRS web site at (see Topic 450 then topic 457, Adjustments to income, Tuition & Fees deduction).

Students must submit an Education Credits Form 8863 with their Federal 1040 or Federal 1040A in order to claim the Hope Scholarship or Lifetime Learning Credit.

For more information about the 1098-T tuition statement, which KCC sends to all students annually, click here.

Michigan Income Tax Credit

A nonrefundable Michigan income tax credit for college tuition and fees paid on behalf of a student is not available for 2016.

To qualify for this credit the student must attend a Michigan institution of higher education which certifies that tuition will not increase in the ensuing academic year by more than the preceding year’s rate of inflation. Kellogg Community College has not been approved by the State of Michigan for the 2016 Tax Year and you will not be eligible to claim this credit.