COMPASS Schedule

COMPASS assessments may be taken according to the following schedule which shows the first available start time and the last available start time on a walk-in basis at the Battle Creek campus. Assessment days and times change during the summer months. The COMPASS assessment schedule is subject to change. Call 269-965-4136 for current schedule information. COMPASS may be taken at our satellite campuses by appointment.

Regular hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Friday by appointment only; 269-965-4136 to schedule

Spring Break Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday, April 6-9, 2015  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Friday by appointment only: 269-965-4136 to schedule

COMPASS Information

COMPASS is a series of computer-adaptive assessment tests that will help decide which courses you should enroll in. These are not admission tests; they are PLACEMENT tests. There are no “failing” grades. Whatever your score, we have a course that is appropriate for the level of knowledge you have at this time. It is important that you do your best on the assessment because you will be placed in English and math courses based on these test scores.

There are three sections of this assessment: a writing section, a reading section, and a mathematics section. If you already have some college credits, have taken the ACT assessment, or you do not intend to be a degree student, you may not need to complete all the sections. If you are exempt from one or more sections, you will be able to test in just the sections required for your enrollment. Sections are not timed, but students generally spend 30-45 minutes on each. Expect to spend about 2 hours if you are taking all three sections.

You will need your social security number to begin the test and you will be asked information regarding your educational background, plans, and goals. If you have previously taken the ASSET test or COMPASS at Kellogg Community College and are a returning student, Academic Advising will determine if you need further testing.

You may bring an ACT-approved calculator for the math portion of the assessment. No special preparation is needed for this test, but it may help you place higher if you review math problems first, especially if you have been away from school for a while.

For placement information, please refer to the Placement Score Equivalencies Chart.

To see some sample questions, visit

COMPASS practice tests available through the Michigan Express Library

COMPASS Retest Policy

ACT, the organization that provides the COMPASS test, has outlined specific guidelines when a retest is allowed.  Retesting is allowed only when there is a substantial reason to believe the current scores do not represent the student’s current level of knowledge and skills. (The need for a higher score to enter a course or program is not an acceptable reason.) Retests can be taken after 30 days from original test date.

You must fill out a Request to Retest (obtained and turned into the Testing Center); if approved, you will be required to pay a retest fee to Records and Registration before retesting.