Testing & Assessment FAQ

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions related to Kellogg Community College’s Testing & Assessment Center.

Why is a photo ID required for testing?

  • Since most students are not known personally to our staff members, we need to verify your identity.
  • All national testing programs require photo identification.

How late can I come to take a test?

  • Most testing has specific days and times when you can start the test.
  • If the test is untimed, you are responsible for allowing yourself proper time to complete the test.

How will I know the results of my test?

  • Placement test results are received after each testing session.
  • Most national test programs mail your results.

Does Kellogg Community College do GED® testing?

  • Yes. Kellogg Community College is an authorized Pearson-Vue GED®  Testing Center.

To schedule and register to take a GED® test or for more information, visit: GED.com

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