Blaze Goes to College

The “Blaze Goes to College” sequel “Blaze Goes to the RMTC” is now available! Read the book for free below or purchase a print copy at the Bruin Bookstore!

“Blaze Goes to College” is a fully illustrated, 32-page picture book first published in 2019. The book follows a young version of KCC’s Bruin mascot Blaze, a cartoon bear, as he and his class take a field trip to the College’s North Avenue campus in Battle Creek, learning about college and careers in the arts, health care, STEM fields and more.

The book was written by KCC’s Digital Marketing Manager Simon Thalmann and illustrated by alumna Sara Parks, who was a student in KCC’s Graphic Design Program when she completed the illustrations last fall.

Read the book for free below in English or Spanish. Print copies of the book are available exclusively at KCC’s on-campus Bruin Bookstore, with all profits going toward scholarships for the College’s Bruin Youth Programming camps and initiatives for area youth.

“Blaze Goes to the RMTC”

“Blaze Goes to College”

“Blaze Va a la Universidad”

Read the brand-new Spanish translation of KCC’s children’s book “Blaze Goes to College” below! Print copies are coming soon to the Bruin Bookstore!