Aircraft Rescue Firefighting

The KCC ARFF trainer is ready for training.Kellogg Community College manages and operates a Federal Aviation Administration Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) mobile trainer. Training is conducted at your location (on or off airport property), utilizing a high tech mobile aircraft fire simulator.

Utilizing the KCC mobile trainer saves valuable time and money by eliminating travel expenses and enabling your personnel to train using their own equipment.  The simulator uses safe, controllable, environmentally acceptable propane fuel to provide a variety of realistic aircraft fire scenarios, including:

  • Flammable Liquid Spills
  • Engine Fires
  • Interior Cabin Fire
  • Class C Interior Cockpit Fire
  • Wheel Brake Fires

The ARFF program provides both classroom and hands-on training required under FAA Part 139 for airports meeting their annual FAA “hot drill” training requirements. The current ARFF “hot drill” course has been approved by the FAA to meet annual training requirements for index A to E airports.  Every third year, index C, D and E airports must train at a fixed facility.


Benefits of the Mobile Trainer

  • Increase skills performance by practicing together as a team with your department’s equipment
  • Eliminate travel costs for the team by using the mobile trainer at your airport site
  • Allow personnel to train during duty hours to decrease overtime costs
  • Invite Mutual Aid responders to train with your department
  • 8-hour courses include both classroom and hands-on training
  • High-tech aircraft mobile fire training simulator to provides “live” fire training on-site
  • Additional training can be customized based on your airport, city or county needs
  • Training is available anywhere in the Continental United States

For more information, please contact Joe Teixeira, ARFF Program Coordinator,  at 269.565.2826.