Workforce Solutions


The Workforce Solutions department is the business, industry, and job-training arm of Kellogg Community College (KCC). The department serves the business and industry community by developing and delivering cost-effective, high-quality, and flexible learning solutions specifically customized to meet the unique learning objectives and needs of employers.

If you are an employer in need of employee up-skilling, technical training, or customized learning solutions, contact Workforce Solutions today. Our team has the resources to assess your training needs then design and deliver
customized coursework tailored to your schedule and training objectives, saving you time and money. Workforce Solutions instructors are experienced professionals and experts in their fields.

Workforce Solutions can provide training at any of KCC’s campus locations, at your facility, or at a location designated by you. We can also provide laptop computers for small class sizes delivered off-site of campus facilities.

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Business & Service
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Government and Public Agencies

Spring 2020 Catalog

Workforce Solutions Catalog

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Open Enrollment

Do you have a training need for just a few individuals in your organization? Please let us know. We may know of other organizations in need of similar training and can arrange for an open enrollment course that can meet the needs of area organizations. Please take a look at our current course offerings on our Schedules & Registrations page.