Honors Seminar

This seminar is for Gold Key and Trustees Scholarships’ recipients only. Students will meet with faculty to discuss topics pertaining to their studies, the community, the arts, and other selected areas.

Architectural History – Post World War II to Present

The styles and developments in architecture are chronicled from the period of time just prior to World War II until the present time. Modern American architects and their architecture will be compared and contrasted to those of the same time period internationally. Lab Fee

Dance for Elementary Educators

A lecture workshop designed to prepare students who plan to teach children in the elementary education classroom how to effectively utilize dance activities and movement as a vital component in the curriculum. Course stresses imaginative movement and the relationship between aesthetic experience and students’ lives.

African American History

This course will focus on the African American experience since the era of the Civil War. Major emphasis will be placed on the background and development of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. An overview of the contributions of African Americans to American culture will be explored, as well as the sociocultural obstacles faced by this minority group.

Introduction to Human Services

This course introduces the student to the basic conceptual knowledge of social organizations and the role of the human service worker. Included are the beginning skills for social service practice and discussion of the ethical commitments and legal considerations underlying professional helping careers.

History of Rock and Roll

This course explores modern history through the examination and analysis of rock and roll music. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of race, gender, class, economic conditions and politics in rock and roll music as a reflection of, and influence on, the wider issues and movements in American society.

Design for the Web

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of web design using relevant design and marketing strategies. Through hands-on exercises, students will design and construct webpages from concept to active, using industry-standard development environments. [32-32-64] Lab Fee

Western Civilization: Modern Western World

This course is a survey of the major developments in European Civilization from the mid-1600s to the present. Selected political, economic, social, religious, intellectual, and aesthetic elements from the scientific revolution to the contemporary world will be considered. The impact of revolution, nationalism, and world war upon recent world events will be emphasized. The course will also include the interchange of ideas between Asia, Africa, and the West.

Design for New Media

This course takes what is learned in Design for the Web and expands beyond it. Through hands-on assignments the student will create and develop projects focusing on the design for web, multimedia and interactive environments. [32-32-64] Lab Fee

Global History to 1500

An interdisciplinary study of various world civilizations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe from 10,000 B.C.E. (Before Common Era) to 1500 C.E. (Common Era). This course will use a comparative approach to study a variety of global themes and patterns over time. Humanities or social science credit.