Elementary French

Introductory course stressing pronunciation, comprehension, basic grammar structures, and French culture and civilization. Individual/small group sessions to practice grammar and pronunciation are used. [32-32-64] Lab Fee

Advanced Creative Writing

Designed to facilitate students’ understanding of the ways fiction, poetry, and drama work. Students will deal with theory and technique in traditional and contemporary works, emphasis on expanding creative scope, and developing students’ own voice and style.

Elementary French

Aimed at developing communicative ability, this course is based on a series of “real-life” themes, situations, and speech. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are presented within an appropriate thematic or situational context. Emphasis is on vocabulary and syntax. [32-32-64] Lab Fee

AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

The American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers course is a classroom-based certification course in which healthcare professionals learn to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR to victims of all ages, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner.

AHA BLS Instructor

The American Heart Association (AHA) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Instructor Course is a 32-hour program designed to provide the student with the training necessary to conduct any of the American Heart Association Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) CPR courses which are offered. This course includes: an overview to BCLS instruction, teaching strategies, safety/health concerns, teaching outlines, organizational strategies, mannequin maintenance/troubleshooting/repair, and criteria for evaluating the CPR student. Students taking this course will be required to take a written and practical skills test. Students will be required to present a mini-lecture on a BCLS skill (cognitive or psychomotor). Certification will be given to students after they complete a practicum. THIS COURSE IS BASED ON THE 2001 GUIDELINES. Lab Fee

Critical Reading

Using content area text (e.g. Psychology, Early Childhood Education) students will explore the process of critical reading (and making sense of the text); how to better engage with texts and improve comprehension of academic material. Students will be apprenticed in the cognitive and linguistic skills necessary to participate in the content area discipline. Lab Fee

Paramedic Internship

This course is designed to provide the Field Internship as prescribed by Michigan Department of Transportation and the requirements of the Michigan Department of Public Health paramedic curriculum. This course is the last course taken as part of the Paramedic Program. This course includes clinical rotations at ambulance services as the lead Paramedic under the supervision of a field Paramedic. Students are expected to complete their clinical competencies during this class. In addition, classroom time is scheduled to review clinical procedures and review progress of the students. This course includes at least eight hours of medical simulation to help achieve any missing Paramedic competencies. Lab Fee

Freshman Composition

Writing expository prose with emphasis on the thesis sentence, idea development, unity, continuity, coherence, patterns of exposition, and educated usage. Lab Fee

EMS System Management

This course is designed to give the student practical insight into the management process of EMS as a service industry. The course specifically applies management principles to the EMS setting. This course builds on previous course work which students have participated in throughout their studies. Topics within this course include: EMS management structures, EMS-related problems, EMS public relations, EMS funding/finance, EMS special programs, employee relations, community relations, leadership concepts, communications skills, OSHA/MIOSHA, and legislation which affects EMS and the work place.

Freshman Composition – Honors

The intellectually-able student is permitted to pursue in-depth studies in expository writing. The student must be interested in developing excellence in writing. Lab Fee