Daytime Classes: Battle Creek

Battle Creek classes are held in the Lane-Thomas Building, Room 304 on KCC’s Main Campus, unless otherwise specified in the class description.


Introduction to Wi-Fi and Routers- NEW

You may have heard the term “Wi-Fi” when people talk about connecting to the Internet, usually when they’re away from home and on a mobile device. They may also be looking for “hotspots”, but what does this all mean? What is the technology known as “Wi-Fi”, and how does it work to get you on the Internet? Come to this session and our tech expert, Randy Dirks, will answer those questions as well as teach you how to set up Wi-Fi and routers, use them to connect to the Internet, and change your Wi-Fi password to keep your online searching safe and secure.

Wednesday * 4/4/18 * 1-2 pm * Member $10 /Non-member $30
COMP CG002-50 * Randy Dirks * Room: LT-304



“Asylums”: A Dark History of Psychiatric Institutions- NEW

These frightening and often unbelievable facilities of yesteryear were precursors to today’s modern mental health services, but were often places to be avoided at all costs. By what process did patients find themselves in one of these places, and more importantly, how could they be discharged? Treatments were severe-wooden cages, lengthy ice or steam baths, leather restraints, and strait jackets. Some of the harshest treatments included lobotomies, trepanation, electro-shock therapy, and insulin comas that were sometimes deemed as “cures”. Patients could be admitted for “female trouble”, hysteria “fits”, vicious vices, dissolute habits, or any number of “afflictions” the admitting person identified. We’ve come a long way in getting the supports needed for appropriate and effective mental health services, but as you will see in this class, that road started in a very surprising place!

Thursdays * 4/26/18-5/3/18 * 1-3 pm * Member $20/Non-Member $40
HSTY CB004-50 * Jody Owens * Room: LT-304



Explore the Dark Ages- NEW

The Byzantine Empire, Vikings, and early Russian history are all included within the Dark Ages, but what do you really know about this period in history? Come to this class to hear our resident historian, and KCC instructor, Nancy Beers, weave tales and provide interesting facts that cover a time period from the fall of the Roman Empire to around 1000 A.D.

Wednesdays * 5/16/18-6/13/18 * 1-3 pm * Member $50/Non-member $70
HSTY CC010-50 * Nancy Beers * Room: LT-304



A Bluegrass Journey

Basement Bluegrass will lead students on an entertaining and enlightening journey filled with stories of bluegrass music, groups, history, and instrumentation. This class will review the founding fathers of bluegrass, then consider the music from the mid-1950’s to the mid-1960’s and the beginning of bluegrass festivals. An in-class performance will also be included, so be prepared to stomp your feet and clap your hands in this lively and informative session!

Thursday * 5/17/18 * 1-3 pm * Member $15 /Non-member $35
PERF CJ002-50 * Jim Metzger * Room: LT-304



Appreciating Contemporary Art- NEW

Need a nudge into the visual art of the 21st century? KCC’s Professor Pete promises to introduce you to dozens of works by several key artists who will not send you headlong into the abyss! Your instructor has no interest in showing you controversial pieces produced for their shock value, but rather plans to focus on some truly innovative, thought provoking, and even beautiful approaches to making the art of today.

Tuesdays * 5/22/18-6/12/18 * 10 am-12 pm * Member $40/Non-Member $60
PERF CM008-50 * Pete Williams * Room: LT-304



Company K of the Michigan First Sharpshooters- NEW

Celebrate Memorial day with Jim Jackson, author, genealogist, and lecturer, as he describes a military company that was completely composed of men from Michigan Ojibwa (Chippewa), Ottawa, and Potawatomi tribes. After training at the U.S. Detroit Arsenal at Dearborn Ville, these troops were sent for guard duty at Camp Douglas in Chicago. They eventually saw action in the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, the Battle of the Crater, and Weldon Railroad. Come learn about this unique group of Native Americans and how they honorably served this nation.

Thursdays * 5/24/18 * 1-2 pm * Member $10/ Non-member $30
HSTY CB001-51 * Jim Jackson * Room: LT-304