All fitness classes will be held in the Ohm Building, Room 109 unless otherwise noted.

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Loosen Up with Linda

Join Linda as she leads you through a gentle exercise program intended to loosen the muscles and improve your flexibility, posture, and range of motion. As an added bonus, learn to reduce stress and allow your body to move more naturally. You will leave feeling relaxed, while improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs.

NOTE: Class is held in the Miller Physical Education Building on KCC’s main campus.

M/W/F * 1/23/19-5/3/19 * 8:30-9:30 am * $95
Linda Ryan * Location: Miller Building, Room: M-112


Chair Yoga

Increasingly, people are turning to yoga to help them feel more comfortable in their own bodies.  Are you looking for a safe and effective yoga practice that doesn’t require getting up and down from the floor?  If so, in this course, your instructor, Kim, will take you through a variety of exercises, using a chair, which will gently stretch your muscles while putting you in a relaxed state.  You owe it to yourself to try this course.  No yoga experience required.

Section 1: Tuesdays and Thursdays * 3/5 – 5/16/19 * 11-11:45 am * $65 (member) $80 (non-member) * Kim Van Hoose * Location: Miller Building, Room: M-112

Section 2: Tuesdays * 3/5/19-5/14/19 * 11-11:45 am * $35 (member) $50 (non-member) * Kim Van Hoose * Location: Miller Building, Room: M-112

Section 3: Thursdays * 3/7/19-5/16/19 * 11-11:45 am * $35 (member) $50 (non-member) * Kim Van Hoose * Location: Miller Building, Room: M-112


Yoga: Basics for Beginners

Learn the basic yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques in this gentle yoga class.  This class will prepare you with basic yoga postures and insure safe positioning to make your yogic journey easy on your body and mind. No class 4/1/19.

Mondays * 3/11/19-4/8/19 * 6-7 pm * $29 (member) $35 (non-member)
Kathy Haulman * Room: O-109


Yoga: Breath & Movement

You can open any magazine or newspaper and read studies on breathing meditation and its health benefits. In this class you will experience the connection between breath and movement.  This dynamic yoga class will reignite the relationship between your body and spirit as you carefully observe your natural flow from asana to asana.  This practice will prepare you for gentle to moderate yoga classes and bring forth your awareness and focus, both on and off the mat.

Mondays * 4/15/19-5/6/19 * 6-7 pm * $29 (member) $35 (non-member)
Kathy Haulman * Room: O-109


Yoga: Core Moves for a Flat Belly

This class is designed to stretch and strengthen your core as well as your entire body. Explore the concept that core work is 360 degrees around the body. Starting with the most useful breathing techniques, we will guide you through a set of effective yoga poses that you can perform one after another, smoothly and gracefully transitioning from one to the next in a flowing motion. In addition to losing belly fat and strengthening your core, these yoga poses will help you to increase your flexibility and strengthen all the parts of your body. We’ll include a range of warm up moves, flow and twist postures, a cool down and each session will end with a well-earned relaxation meditation. Yoga experience is preferred. No class 5/27/19.

Mondays * 5/13/19-6/10/19 * 6-7 pm * $29 (member) $35 (non-member)
Kathy Haulman * Room: O-109


Best Deal! Yoga Mondays with Kathy! – POPULAR

Join us every Monday to experience the many benefits of a regular Yoga practice. No class 4/1/19 or 5/27/19.

Mondays * 3/11/19-6/10/19 * 6-7 pm * $69 (member) $89 (non-member)
Kathy Haulman * Room: O-109


Juggling for Joy

Do you like to laugh and find joy in the simple things? If this describes you, then we have just the class for you! In this low-key class, our instructor will teach you the basics of scarf juggling.  Juggling improves brainpower, concentration and upper body strength, while offering you a new challenge to master. You can learn to juggle at any age – the flexibility and mobility issues that often accompany aging aren’t barriers to tossing colorful scarves in the air and catching them. Come join us! You’ll be glad you did. Scarves will be gifted to each student to take home so you can display your new skill.

Tuesday * 3/26/19 * 10 am-12 pm * $25 (member) $40 (non-member)
Megan Loyer * Room: LT-303


Yin Yoga: A Restorative Practice

You can regain and maintain your physical, mental, and emotional balance through yin yoga and its calming, healing approach. Take a break from the stress and the noise of life and enjoy a quiet yoga practice. This slower paced class offers long holds in passive postures giving you the opportunity to relax in the posture and quiet your mind. The long holds also offer you deeper access to your body for a release of the deep connective tissue. This slow meditative practice can help to calm the mind and body, lower stress levels, and increase flexibility. No class 4/2/19.

Tuesdays * 3/26/19-5/7/19 * 6-7 pm * $39 (member) $49 (non-member)
Meghan Luchies * Room: O-109


Explore Tai Chi

Are you still searching for the perfect exercise form? Come experience the graceful movements of this ancient practice combining exercise, concentration, and body awareness. Tai Chi is a form of moving meditation. The slow gentle form will move almost every joint in your body, with gentle or no impact. No special equipment or clothing is needed to do Tai Chi. This class is good for anyone looking to keep their joints moving, increase their balance or just learn something that is relaxing. This is a class for beginners and you’ll be able to practice the techniques you learn in class at home with a DVD that’s included in your class fee.

Thursdays * 4/11/19-5/16/19 * 6-7:30 pm * $79 (member) $99 (non-member)
Sue Deese * Room: O-109


Cardio Drumming for Beginners – NEW

Are you ready to have fun burning off 600-900 calories an hour? No matter your level of coordination you can pick up the basic moves of cardio drumming in just one or two sessions, so don’t let that hold you back! You can have with fun with fitness when we combine drumming, great music, rhythm and movement—there’s never a dull moment. We’ll provide all the materials, you just need to sign up, sign up a friend and come have some fun getting fit and feeling great!

Tuesdays * 5/14/19-6/18/19 * 5:30-6:30 pm * $35 (member) $45 (non-member)
Bailey Scott * Location: Miller Building


Plyometrics: Challenge Fitness – NEW

The term “plyometrics” was coined by Fred Wilt a former Olympic distance runner after he watched Soviet athletes prepare for their events in track and field in the 1970s. Plyometrics includes explosive powerful training exercises that are designed to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the major muscles in the body. It is a core element in the strength training programs of elite sports athletes worldwide. In this class you will learn and experience plyometric exercises designed to challenge you and take you to the next level in your physical fitness journey. This is an excellent class for athletes who want to learn moves that improve performance in playing your favorite sport, and for those looking for a new way to test your physical abilities.

Mondays & Wednesdays * 6/3/19-6/27/19 * 5:30-6:30 pm * $49 (member) $59 (non-member)
Eric Laskovy * Location: Miller Building


Self Defense Basics

The worst part of an attack situation for a victim is the feeling of total helplessness. Discover some powerful equalizers which will allow you to physically escape dangerous assaults, offering you empowerment in place of defenselessness. Learn to take advantage of an attacker’s visceral responses. Each technique is meant to inflict unexpected pain in order to escape, making the smallest person physically dominant. These techniques are simple and can be learned quickly while maintaining effectiveness in real situations. Best of all, they give you the confidence to know that you don’t have to be a victim. This is a great class for moms and daughters who want to learn a new and valuable skill together!

Wednesday * 6/5/19 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
Brett Weiss * Location: Miller Building, Room 112