Yoga for Total Relaxation – New

Our busy lives can be very stressful, and with work, family, and social obligations it can feel overwhelming. This restorative yoga class is designed to give you a peaceful vacation from your busy life. If you suffer from stress, insomnia, lack of energy or depression you can benefit from this class. We’ll focus on deep breathing, guided relaxation, and in our last class session you’ll experience Yoga Nidra which is translated to Yogic Sleep, a state of conscious for extreme relaxation and a subtler spiritual exploration. As tension dissolves you’ll feel refreshed, renewed and balanced. Join us to nourish and nurture your body, mind and spirit. No class Nov. 22, 2017.
Note: This class will be held on KCC’s Main Campus, 450 North Avenue, Battle Creek in the Ohm Building, Room 109.

5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays, Nov. 8 – Dec. 13, 2017 $29 (member) $35 (non-member)
YOGA CF005-02 * Rachel Roelof

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Yoga Moves for a Flat Belly- Full!

This class is designed to stretch and strengthen your core as well as your entire body. Explore the concept that core work is 360 degrees around the body. Starting with the most useful breathing techniques, we will guide you through a set of effective yoga poses that you can perform one after another, smoothly and gracefully transitioning from one to the next in a flowing motion. In addition to losing belly fat and strengthening your core, these yoga poses will help you to increase your flexibility and strengthen all the parts of your body. We’ll include a range of warm up moves, flow and twist postures, a cool down and each session will end with a well-earned relaxation meditation. Yoga experience is preferred.

5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Mondays, Nov. 20 – Dec. 11, 2017 $29 (member) $35 (non-member)
YOGA CF004-03 * Kim VanHoose

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