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Essential Oils for Beginners
Essential oils are a hot trend right now and you see them everywhere, but have you wondered why and how can they be used? Essential oils are a powerful, safe and effective form of natural medicine. Join us to learn about the history of aromatherapy, and how to use essential oils safely and effectively. Discover how to discern the quality and effectiveness of oils and the healing properties of the most widely used oils. After this class you’ll know the specific oils for many situations and how you can use them for improved health and well-being.
Monday • 10/7 • 6-8:30 pm • $49 (member) $59 (non-member) • Carli Ray • Rm: LT-303

Joyful Energy: Exploring Chakra & Crystal Energy   NEW!
Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, or vortex, and it refers to each of the seven body-based and five spiritual-based energy centers that comprise our consciousness, our energy system. The chakras are not physical; however, they interact and represent the relationship between the parts of our bodies and our consciousness. In this workshop you’ll learn about the Chakra system with a focus on the crystals that provide support to each part of the system. We’ll discuss the link between Chakras and auras and how these energy centers, or chi, relate to the universe. Discover a new way to find joyful energy in your life!
Tuesdays • 10/8-10/15 • 6-8:30 pm • $39 (member) $49 (non-member) • Tina Ritchie • Rm: LT-304

Love is Letting Go of Fear   NEW!
Do you find yourself living in the past, replaying scenes from your life and holding on to negative feelings? Do you suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety? In this two-part class we will explore how to shift our mental outlook on life to a more positive and healing place. You’ll learn the importance of forgiving early and freely for your own sake, whether or not you truly believe the other person deserves it or the situation warrants it. Join us to experience and practice some simple, yet powerful, shifts in your habitual thought patterns and learn to achieve and enjoy greater happiness in your life. NOTE: The class will use the book “Love is Letting Go of Fear” by Gerald Jampolsky (eISBN 978-1-58761-363-0). Bring your own copy, or your instructor will have copies available for purchase in the first class session for $6.                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesdays • 10/9-10/16 • 6-9 pm • $49 (member) $59 (non-member) • Jewel Shelden • Rm: LT-304

Reflexology Basics
Reflexology is a natural healing art that is based on the principle that there are reflexes in our hands and feet that correspond with every part of our body. In this workshop you’ll be introduced to the history of this ancient practice, basic anatomy, zone therapy, meridians, mapping, assessment, and when reflexology should not be used. This hands-on class will allow you to practice on yourself as you discover how reflexology can promote circulation, relieve tension, and provide comfort and support for yourself or others. You’ll also receive handouts that explain basic reflexology treatment, foot/hand maps, and additional resources.
Wednesday • 10/23 • 6-8:30 pm • $25 (member) $35 (non-member) • Janae Stanton • Rm: LT-304

Beyond the Bucket List: For Cancer Survivors, Those in and Beyond Treatment, Their Caregivers, Family & Friends    NEW!
The “bucket list”—those things we want to do or see before we die—is a common term, but for those who have been touched by the Big C the meaning becomes very personal, very quickly. Join your instructor, a two-time cancer survivor, as we explore and discuss destinations versus legacy, personalized disease progression, loving openly and breathing the breath of life. If you or someone you care for has been affected by a cancer diagnosis, then you won’t want to miss this thoughtful and affirming class.
Monday • 10/28 • 6-9 pm • $25 (member) $35 (non-member) • Jane Johnson • Rm: LT-304

Healthy Gut, Healthy You: Transform Your Health from the Inside Out
Over 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. Now backed by extensive scientific research, this idea still holds true today. You don’t have to follow crazy diets or spend a fortune to get healthy. Join us to discover how the microbiome works and its role in your body, practical diet and lifestyle advice to support your health, and ways to repair, heal, support and revitalize your gut. A vibrant, healthy you begins with what’s inside—start healing your body today!
Tuesday • 10/29 • 6-8 pm • $25 (member) $35 (non-member) • Carrie Palmer, PA-C • Rm: LT-303

Gluten Free Living: Tips & Recipes
If you’ve been told to avoid gluten containing foods then you’ve come to realize that it can be a challenge. In this class we’ll share a variety of ideas, resources, restaurants and recipes to help you live a gluten-free life, all while enjoying some tasty samples of gluten-free foods. No longer will you be confused by the need to eat gluten-free, and we’re here to show you how. Workshop fee includes tasting samples, resources and recipes.
Tuesday • 11/5 • 6-8 pm • $25 (member) $35 (non-member) • Carrie Palmer, PA-C • Rm: LT-303

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Take Healthy Gut and Gluten Free Living for only $39
Tuesdays • 10/29-11/5 • 6-8 pm • $39 (members only)

Past Life Meditation Experience   POPULAR!
Have you ever had that sensation of deja`vu when meeting someone new or traveling to a place you’ve never been before? Some people are simply curious about past lives while others want to know why they have so many challenges in this life. Have no worries; the meditation you’ll experience is a safe, protected process designed to help you tap into your subconscious mind. Your instructor, a certified hypnotherapist who has done numerous group regressions, promises that you’ll be surprised by what you learn, and you may even experience a glimpse into your future. This will be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience that you will never forget! NOTE: Please wear comfortable clothing, and do NOT wear scents/perfumes to class.
Wednesday • 10/30 • 6-9 pm • $35 (member) $45 (non-member) • Jewel Shelden • Rm: LT-304

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Are you secretly afraid you’ll be fat forever? Many people try every diet, pill, shake and exercise plan out there, and end up just as overweight and unhappy as they were before they tried to lose weight in the first place. In order to lose weight for good, you must deal with more than the conscious mind; you must tap into the incredible power of your subconscious mind! Everyone will participate in a guided meditation that promotes more positive eating habits by directly addressing our subconscious minds using hypnosis. Join us to look beyond the latest fad diets and explore the underlying subconscious factors that contribute to self-sabotage, emotional eating and loss of willpower. Get ready to permanently change your body by first transforming your mind. NOTE: Please wear comfortable clothing for the guided meditation portion of the class.
Wednesday • 11/20 • 6-9 pm • $35 (member) $45 (non-member) • Jewel Shelden • Rm: LT-304

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