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It’s in the Numbers! Basic Numerology for Fun & Luck

We use numbers every day, but do we consider the vibrations they lend to our names, birthdate, or street address?  Join us to learn the basic concepts of numerology and discover how numbers can reveal hidden assets in our lives. We will cover birthdates, name changes (maiden to married), how to choose a great business name, when to play games of chance and more. In this fun class you’ll find your lucky days and personal lucky numbers—it might even change your life!

Wednesday * 4/10/19 * 6-9 pm * $29 (member) $39 (non-member)
Jewel Shelden * Room: LT-304


Healthy Gut, Healthy You: Transform Your Health from the Inside Out – NEW

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut. Now backed by extensive scientific research, this idea still holds true today. You don’t have to follow crazy diets or spend a fortune to get healthy. Join us to discover how the gut works and its role in your body, practical diet and lifestyle advice to support your gut health, and ways to repair, heal, support and revitalize your gut. A vibrant, healthy you begins with your gut—start healing your body today!

Tuesday * 4/23/19 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
Carrie Palmer, PA-C * Room: LT-304


Gluten Free Living: Tips & Recipes – NEW

If you’ve been told to avoid gluten containing foods then you’ve come to realize that it can be a challenge. In this class we’ll share a variety of ideas, resources, restaurants and recipes to help you live a gluten-free life, all while enjoying some tasty samples of gluten-free foods. No longer will you be confused by the need to eat gluten-free, and we’re here to show you how. Workshop fee includes tasting samples, resources and recipes.

Tuesday * 4/30/19 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
Carrie Palmer, PA-C * Room: LT-304


Best Deal! Take Healthy Gut and Gluten Free Living

Tuesdays * 4/23/19-4/30/19 * 6-8 pm * $39 (member) $59 (non-member)
Carrie Palmer, PA-C * Room: LT-304


Introduction to the Science of Human Energy – NEW

Energy is all around us! In this day and age of man-made turmoil it’s easy to sink into the general negative aura of the world. We feel more depressed, anxious, frustrated and even angry than we used to and we are more susceptible to chronic conditions and illness as a result. Because we see the world from a physical perspective, we often don’t notice what’s right in front of us — that our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and body are all made of energy. In fact, each of us has a personal vibration that accurately communicates who we are to the world and helps shape our reality. In the practice portion, you will play and explore the many ways you actually feel energy. You will learn how to energy test to see what might be “off” so that you can turn the energy back “on” to live radiantly in all aspects of your life.  Join us for this fun and interactive class—you will never look at your world the same way again!

Thursdays * 4/25/19-5/9/19 * 6-8:30 pm * $69 (member) $89 (non-member)
Patti Henderson * Room: LT-304


Discovering You: Using the Enneagram for Understanding Yourself

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal transformation. This course will share how to help you understand the Enneagram, yourself and others with astonishing clarity. You’ll get the knowledge and insight to embrace the best version of yourself. Each of the nine Enneagram styles has its own natural gifts, abilities, limitations and blind spots; each has its own distinctive ways of thinking, acting and being. The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based on your core fears and core desires. Please join Certified Enneagram Coach and International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional, Kathleen, to learn how the Enneagram can help with your self-discovery, where you one can create and sustain meaningful and lasting relationships in your personal life. Price includes booklet for you to keep.

Tuesday * 5/21/19 * 2-4 pm *$25 (member) $40 (non-member)
Kathleen Loughrige * Room: LT-304


Loving to Forgiveness – NEW

Do you find yourself living in the past, replaying scenes from your life and holding on to negative feelings? Do you suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety? Would your life be better without these negative feelings? In this two-part class we will explore how to shift our mental outlook on life to a more positive and healing place. You’ll learn the importance of forgiving early and freely for your own sake, whether or not you truly believe the other person deserves it or the situation warrants it. Receive practical direction and heartfelt guidance in the use of 12 basic concepts related to how we perceive situations and the words of others, and how we can let go of the fear and self-judgment that is holding us back. Join us to experience and practice some simple, yet powerful, shifts in your habitual thought patterns and learn to achieve and enjoy greater happiness in your life. NOTE: The class will use the book “Love is Letting Go of Fear” by Gerald Jampolsky (eISBN 978-1-58761-363-0). You may bring your own copy, or your instructor will have copies available for purchase in the first class session for $6 each. No class 5/29/19.

Wednesdays * 5/22/19-6/5/19 * 6-9 pm * $45 (member) $55 (non-member)
Jewel Shelden * Room: LT-303


I Want to Keep My Driver’s License: Strategies and Equipment to Maintain the Fitness to Drive

Decreasing vision, diabetic neuropathy, stroke, dementia and other conditions may limit the fitness to drive as we age, so it’s important to maintain your skills behind the wheel.  In this course, you will learn what to expect in a comprehensive clinical driving evaluation, including testing out equipment, such as brake reactors, as well as, learn driving strategies and try adaptive equipment to help maintain the fitness to drive.

Mondays * 6/3/19-6/10/19 * 1-3 pm * $25(member) $40 (non-member)
Diane Andert * Room: LT-304


Reflexology: A Focus on the Hands – NEW

Reflexology is a natural healing art that is based on the principle that there are reflexes in our hands and feet that correspond with every part of our body. In this workshop you’ll be introduced to the history of this ancient practice, basic anatomy, zone therapy, meridians, mapping, assessment, and the times when reflexology should not be used. This class will allow you to practice on your own hands as you discover how reflexology can promote circulation, relieve tension, and provide comfort and support for yourself or others. Your fee includes a handy reference chart to make this an easy-to-do process at home.

Thursday * 6/13/19 * 6-8:30 pm * $ (member) $ (non-member)
Patti Henderson * Room: LT-303


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