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Preserving the Harvest, Go Beyond Canning – NEW

There are many ways to preserve the bountiful harvest we glean from our gardens, from freezing to drying.  Join us to learn how to save the delicious flavors of your vegetables, fruits and herbs to enjoy throughout the winter. We’ll also discuss moving plants indoors for the winter; which ones will be productive and the best way to help them move from their summer home to their winter home. Just think, in the bitter cold of January you could be enjoying the tastes of summer!

Tuesday * 9/26/17 * 6-8 pm * $19 (member) $25 (non-member)
HOME CF002-01 * Linda Whitlock

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Putting Your Gardens to Bed in the Fall So They Wake Up in the Spring – NEW

We will explore a variety of tasks that you can complete in your flower gardens, vegetable gardens and lawns to help insure that they get off to the best possible start next spring. Included will be mulching leaves into the lawn, when to do that final fertilization, tips for keeping garden beds weed free in the spring, best time to relocate plants in the landscape, and making sure that plants don’t die of thirst over the winter. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste, join us and your gardens will be as amazing next year as they were this year!

Tuesday * 10/3/17 * 6-8 pm * $19 (member) $25 (non-member)
HOME CF002-02 * Linda Whitlock

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Let it Go! Using Feng Shui to Clear Your Clutter – NEW

Is the clutter in your life taking over your life? Do you enter your home and feel the flow of positive energy around you, or does all the “stuff” leave you feeling overwhelmed and weighed down? Take a fresh approach and learn how Feng Shui principles can assist in this process of letting go of your stuff. Discover the positive aspects of creating more space through the methodical physical clearing and releasing of what you no longer need. It’s plain and simple: too much stuff equals stagnation in your life. Find out why you have a connection to certain items, discover how to release them, and allow the space to open so that you can feel the energy around you. You’ll go home with the incentive to treat your living space with the respect and love it deserves. Plus, getting rid of the “stuff” will make a huge difference in how you feel physically and mentally. Join us and learn how to “let it go”!

Wednesday * 10/18/17 * 6-8 pm * $29 (member) $39 (non-member)
HOME CA002-01 * Minnie Kansman

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Plan, Prepare & Backup All Your Vital Information for Any Emergency! – NEW

Having all your important documents available at your fingertips as well as electronically backed up, is essential not only for you, but for the ones you love. Determine which paperwork is crucial to have in the event of fire, flood, natural disaster or medical emergency. Organize your vital information into a   “Grab-&-Go” binder. Also convert everything to electronic documents, then back it all up to the Cloud using free, easy to use, drag and drop tools. Learn about helpful free apps, multiple preparation tips, evacuation routes, “Go Bags & Bins”, and much more.

Saturday * 12/2/17 * 9 am-12 pm * $49 (member) $59 (non-member)
PDEV CP003-01 * Kevin Boyd

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