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Beekeeping 101: Bee Hives & Tools

This class is an overview of beekeeping and is designed for the curious or the beginner who may not even have bees yet. We’ll cover basic beekeeping, bee biology, explore the parts of the hive, the tools used by beekeepers and you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and get answers from your instructor, a beekeeper for over 17 years.

Wednesday * 3/21/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
HOME CH003-01 * Wrifton Graham * Room: LT-303



Beekeeping 102: Inside the Hive

We’ll continue our exploration of beekeeping as you learn what to watch out for right after installing your bees. Plus you’ll learn much more about the bees themselves, honey production, how to handle bees and how they interact within the hive. We’ll also share information about upcoming beekeeping classes that will be held at the instructor’s bee farm.

Wednesday * 3/28/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
HOME CH003-02 * Wrifton Graham * Room: LT-303



Best Deal! Both Beekeeping classes for only $39

Wednesdays * 3/21/18-3/28/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $39 (member) $49 (non-member)
HOME CH006-01 * Wrifton Graham * Room: LT-303



Propagation Basics: Houseplants & Succulents – NEW

In the plant world, propagation represents the miracle of life. There are many types of plants in and around your home that can be easily propagated using simple techniques. In this class you’ll learn the various types of plants that you can propagate; how to care for the different needs of newly propagated houseplants and succulents; and you’ll cut and propagate from a variety of plants to make your own potted plant to take home with you. Class fee includes materials.

Wednesday * 4/11/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $30 (non-member)
HOME CF003-01 * Wrifton Graham * Room: LT-303



Green Cleaning Tips & Recipes – NEW

Your great-grandmother’s house was sparkling clean and she didn’t use store-bought cleaners and you don’t need to either! There are many natural products and methods that keep a house clean and fresh without toxic side effects. Join us to discover which common household products are most hazardous and learn instead how to clean green! We will review the recipes for several green cleaning products in class. Forget commercial cleaners and make your own green cleaning products in the scents you love – protect your family’s health, save money, and go green!

Wednesday * 4/25/18 * 6-8 pm * $35 (member) $45 (non-member)
HOME CG002-01 * Deb Paul * Room: LT-303



Butterfly & Pollinator Habitat in Your Backyard

You can incorporate native plants and flowers into your garden that are stunningly gorgeous, and provide wildlife benefits for butterflies and birds, need little to no watering or fertilization, and are virtually maintenance free! We will share Michigan native flowers and plants that are easy to add to your garden, and describe the different site conditions needed (sun or shade, dry or wet) so you can select the right plants for your yard. Learn which flowers will bring butterflies, birds and other desirable wildlife into your yard for a natural touch of beauty. Discover your wild side and join us for an evening of native beauty!

Wednesday * 5/2/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $30 (non-member)
HOME CF003-02 * Wrifton Graham * Room: LT-303



Rub-a-Dub-Dub: Create All Natural Soaps – POPULAR

Do you want to save money, help the environment, and keep your family shiny clean? In this hands-on soap making class you’ll create 100% natural soaps including laundry soap, liquid hand soap, bar soap and a shampoo that smells great. Come prepared to get a little messy (in a clean kind of way) and you’ll take home your finished soaps along with recipes to make more at home. Actually, these unique and handmade soaps make excellent gifts for friends and family, too.

Wednesday * 5/30/18 * 6-9 pm * $35 (member) $45 (non-member)
HOME CG003-01 * Carli Ray * Room: LT-303



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