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American Sign Language: ASL Level 1

Do you know any Deaf people?  Have you seen people sign?  Would you like to learn to communicate with them using American Sign Language (ASL)? ASL is quickly becoming one of the most widely used languages in the United States. Come join us to communicate with your hands, face and body! This 8-week class will introduce you to the basics of ASL, emergency sign language, and the world of Deaf Culture. NOTE: Please bring your text, Signing Illustrated by Mickey Flodin to class the first night; you may purchase a copy at a bookseller website. Search for ISBN 9780399530418.

Wednesdays * 4/25/18-6/13/18 * 6-8 pm * $79 (member) $99 (non-member)
SIGN CA016-01 * Valoree Boyer * Room: LT-203



The History of American English: Why We Say What We Say – NEW

We speak it every day, but do you know why we use the words the way we do? In this lively introduction to the history of American English your instructor will use examples from our history, linguistic basics, and popular culture to help explain the concepts of language in our daily lives. There are reasons American English is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, and you’ll love the stories from our past to help you understand why.

Tuesday * 5/1/18-5/7/18 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
HSTY CB004-01 * Jody Owens * Room: LT-201



Infant Massage: The Calming Power of Touch – NEW

Do you have a new addition to your family, or are you expecting a little one soon? This interactive class offers parents and caretakers safe and easy-to-learn massage techniques that reinforce bonding and all-around wellbeing—for both you and your baby! We’ll guide you step-by-step to show simple methods to soothe fretful babies, help them get to sleep, increase attachment, and ease the pain of common ailments such as colic and teething. Massage has been proven to enhance babies’ and toddlers’ brain development, encouraging brighter, happier children–and this beautiful hands-on class will make it abundantly clear how easy it is to learn the “silent” dance of pre-verbal communication with your child. NOTE: Please bring your baby to class. If you are a foster parent, adoptive parent, or a soon-to-be parent we will provide you with a doll to learn these skills. NOTE: No class 5/26/18.

Saturdays * 5/5/18-6/9/18 * 10-11 am * $35 (member) $45 (non-member)
MASG CE005-01 * Rhonda Morgan, CIME, CIIT * Room: LT-304



For Mother’s Day: Create an At-Home Spa Experience

We all need a little extra pampering when life gets hectic, and in this class you’ll learn how to create your own bath salts and an herbal yogurt mask to melt away the tension of your super-busy days. We’ll even include the Zen experience of creating a simple rock garden and you’ll receive a relaxing mix of music on a CD you can listen to whenever life starts to make your jaw tighten, your nights sleepless, or your kids run from the room when you walk in! Give yourself a little time away and join us in this fun, new class—bring your mom and treat her to a relaxing afternoon in celebration of Mother’s Day!

Saturday * 5/12/18 * 1:30-3:30 pm * $39 (member) $45 (non-member)
CRFT CR002-01 * Carli Ray * Room: LT-201



Book Lovers: Rare Book Collecting

Do you love books? Have you ever thought about, or started, collecting books, and wondered what to do next? In this class you’ll join the owner of Sheldon Fine Books to explore what to collect and where to find it, how to tell a first edition from a reprint, how to build an author collection, and get the best price from dealers. You’ll learn the four most important points of book collecting, how to understand pricing, the rarity of certain books and collecting with an eye on future value. You are welcome to bring up to three of your books to class for an assessment of value by the instructor.

Wednesday * 5/23/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $30 (non-member)
WRTG CJ003-01 * Julie Moore * Room: LT-203



Dementia Capable Care Training

Dementia Capable Care is a training and certification course for professional and family caregivers to increase the understanding of dementia and improve communication and care for persons with dementia. The training introduces a best-abilities, person-centered approach to caring for persons with dementia. Participants will learn about the types and stages of dementia, communication tools and techniques, the role of memory and function in terms of a person’s best ability to function, behavior
management strategies, and supporting families and caregivers.

Participants who complete the course and pass the certification exam will receive a Dementia Capable Care Specialist certification, sponsored by Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI).

Saturdays * June 9 & 16 * 9:00 AM-12:00 PM * $75 * Room: LT-304

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