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American Sign Language: ASL Level 1 – POPULAR
Do you know any Deaf people?  Have you seen people sign?  Would you like to learn to communicate with them using American Sign Language (ASL)? ASL is quickly becoming one of the most widely used languages in the United States. Come join us to communicate with your hands, face and body! This 8-week class will introduce you to the basics of ASL, emergency sign language, and the world of Deaf Culture. NOTE: Please bring your text, Signing Illustrated by Mickey Flodin to class the first night; you may purchase a copy at a bookseller website. Search for ISBN 9780399530418. This book is NOT available at KCC’s Bookstore.

Mondays * 10/1/18-11/19/18 * 6-8 pm * $79 (member) $99 (non-member)
SIGN CA016-01 * Valoree Boyer * Room: LT-303


Asylums: A Dark History of Psychiatric Institutions – NEW
These frightening and often unbelievable facilities of yesteryear were precursors to today’s modern mental health services, but were places to be avoided at all costs. By what process did patients find themselves in one of these institutions, and more importantly, how could they be discharged? Treatments were severe and often harsh—from leather restraints and cages to insulin induced comas—join us to learn what was once considered a “cure.” We’ve come a long way in getting the supports needed for appropriate and effective mental health services, but as you will see in this class, that road started in a very surprising place!

Tuesday * 10/9/18 * 6-9 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
HSTY CB003-01 * Jody Owens * Room: LT-304


Organize Your Time to Organize Your Life – NEW
We’ve always known there are only 24 hours in a day; the big question is: How do you use your hours? Is there so much “stuff” in your life that you can’t see the forest for the trees? You can bring balance and peace back by getting rid of all that useless stuff that has been cluttering up your life! In this workshop we’ll explore how we can gain useful minutes and even hours each day by creating a space that is organized and truly speaks to who we are now. If you’re ready to focus on the important things in your life, if you’d like less stress in your day-to-day activities, and if you want to be more effective, efficient, and productive, then this class is for you. Managing your space can help you manage your time.

Tuesday * 10/16/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
PDEV CK003-02 * Delma Smith * Room: LT-304


Couples Reflexology: A Sweetest Day Gift! – NEW
Sweetest Day is October 20th and this is the perfect class for you and your partner—and a unique gift too! Reflexology is a natural healing art that is based on the principle that there are reflexes in our hands and feet that correspond with every part of our body. In this workshop you’ll be introduced to the history of this ancient practice, basic anatomy, zone therapy, meridians, mapping, assessment, and the times when reflexology should not be used. This hands-on class will allow you to practice with your partner as you discover how reflexology can promote circulation, relieve tension, and provide comfort and support for yourself or others. Price is per couple, please provide your partner’s name and email address when you register.

Thursday * 10/18/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $49
MASG CC003-01 * Patti Henderson * Room: LT-303


Understanding Gerrymandering – NEW
You have probably heard the term “gerrymandering” and in this class we’ll share its history, how it has been and is being used, and how understanding it can help you make a decision on the November ballot. We will explore judicial, legislative, and nonpartisan citizen initiatives in various states, including Michigan, to replace legislative gerrymandering with an independent, citizen-based redistricting process. Your instructor will share both sides of the redistricting/gerrymandering issue, with the goal of raising awareness to help Michigan registered voters be more knowledgeable about this ballot initiative when it’s time to vote in November.

Tuesdays * 10/23/18-10/30/18 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
PDEV CL002-01 * Robert Weir * Room: LT-304


The Beginning Writer’s Life – NEW
You want to write, and you have ideas, but when faced with a blank page your mind goes blank as well? Join local author, Nicole Mullis, as she helps you overcome the multitude of fears of the new writer, or help the experienced writer who just needs a “recharge.” Topics we’ll explore include how to overcome procrastination, brainstorming, recognizing a “hot” idea, how to turn off the “editor” within, and much more. We’ll engage in writing exercises and class activities designed to tap into your creativity—creativity is inherent in every individual! Writers are not born—they are made! Come and unlock your talents and find the key that will forever enable you to write easily and happily, without frustration, long after our class ends.

Wednesdays * 10/24/18-11/14/18 * 6-8 pm * $49 (member) $59 (non-member)
WRTG CE008-01 * Nicole Mullis * Room: LT-304


Great Fires of America – NEW
Most people have heard of the famous fires in Chicago and San Francisco, but others that had a major impact have been largely forgotten. Have you ever heard of the Peshtigo and Hinckley fire? What about Coconut Grove or Our Lady of Angels? These fires as well as others that occurred outdoors, in workplaces, in entertainment venues, and on bodies of water will be included in this class. Come learn about little known yet important historical fires and what makes them worth understanding today.

Thursday * 10/25/18 * 6-9 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
HSTY CB003-02 * Jody Owens * Room: LT-304


Navigating Your Spiritual Journey – NEW
Within each of us is a battle raging between our ego and our limitations. Have you ever felt that? In this workshop we’ll explore ways you can rise beyond those limitations and see the ways life is here to love, embrace and support you. We’ll explore the foundations of self-love, how to create sacred partnership, understand the nature of forgiveness, and the hidden gifts found in loss, anger, overthinking and disappointment. Don’t get trapped on your spiritual journey, let us share ways you can cultivate your inner Divine nature and transform your relationships—with Spirit, with yourself and with others.

Thursdays * 11/1/18-11/8/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $29 (member) $39 (non-member)
HOLV CD004-01 * Patti Henderson * Room: LT-303


Coping with Loneliness – NEW
A staggering 78% of us will suffer from feeling lonely at some point during our lives, and often the upcoming holiday season just seems to make it worse. Join us on this journey of discovery as we explore both social and emotional loneliness, where depressive emotions come from and practical ways you can make more meaningful connections with others in your life. You can transform those lonely feelings with the strategies you will learn here—don’t feel alone any longer, join us to discover how.

Tuesday * 11/13/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
PDEV CK003-01 * Kelly Leversee * Room: LT-304


Getting Paid to Talk! Intro to Professional Voiceovers
Have you ever been told you have a great voice? From audio books and cartoons to documentaries, commercials, and more, this class will introduce you to the growing field of voice over. Today, the range of voices hired has grown dramatically from the days of announcers. Learn what the pros look for, how to prepare, and where to find work in your area! We’ll discuss industry pros and cons and play samples from working voice professionals. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to record a short professional script under the direction of your teacher. This class is lots of fun, realistic, and a great first step for anyone interested in the voice over field. In an effort to ensure a quality class experience, we must limit attendance. So, please register early.

Wednesday * 11/28/18 * 6-8:30 pm * $35 (member) $45 (non-member)
PERF CI003-01 * Voice Coaches, Inc. * Room: LT-304


Pharmacy Technician Program with Clinical Externship

This comprehensive 50-hour classroom program will prepare students to work as a pharmacy technician in a retail or other pharmacy setting and to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s (PTCB) exam. Course content includes: pharmacy medical terminology, the history of pharmacy, the pharmacy practice in multiple environments, pharmacy calculations and measurements, reading and interpreting prescriptions and defining drugs by generic and brand names. Through classroom lecture and hands on labs, students will review dosage calculations, drug classifications, the “top 200 drugs”, I.V. flow rates, sterile compounding, dose conversions, aseptic technique, the handling of sterile products, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), dispensing of prescriptions, inventory control and billing and reimbursement. Your class fee includes all textbooks and materials. This program meets the necessary requirements to take the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board (PTCB) – Certified Pharmacy Technician exam.          

Clinical Externship: As part of this Pharmacy Technician program, you will be eligible to participate in an 80-hour clinical externship, information on the externship process will be provided by your instructor. NOTE: No class Thanksgiving, 11/22/18.

Tuesdays & Thursdays * 10/9/18-11/29/18 * $1,399 (includes texts)
LLLV CAG50-01 * Location: Davidson Building, Room 106


Dementia Capable Care: The Caregivers Survival Guide
(Please click on the section number to be taken to our online registration system.)

Being the caregiver of a loved one with memory loss or dementia can be rewarding but demanding work, and more than 40 million adult children find themselves experiencing the double duty of caring for their elders as they try to carry on a life of their own. Dementia Capable Care is a training and certification course for both professional and family caregivers to increase the understanding of dementia and improve communication and care for persons with dementia. The training introduces a best-abilities, person-centered approach to caring for persons with dementia. You will learn about the types and stages of dementia, communication tools and techniques, the role of memory and function in terms of a person’s best ability to function, behavior management strategies, and ways to support families and caregivers. NOTE: An optional exam is available and those who complete the course and pass the exam will receive a Dementia Capable Care Specialist certification, sponsored by Crisis Prevention
Institute (CPI).

Session 1: Saturday * 9/8/18 * 9 am-4 pm * $75
PDEV CT006-01 * Room: LT-304

Session 2: Thursdays * 9/13/18-9/20/18 * 6-10 pm * $75
PDEV CT006-02 * Location: Grahl Center, Coldwater, Room 125

Session 3: Thursdays * 10/11/8-10/18/18 * 6-10 pm * $75
PDEV CT006-03 * Location: Eastern Academic Center, Albion, Room 121

Session 4: Saturdays * 10/20/18-10/27/18 * 9 am-1 pm * $75
PDEV CT006-04 * Room: LT-304

Session 5: Thursdays * 11/8/18-11/15/18 * 6-10 pm * $75
PDEV CT006-05 * Location: Fehsenfeld Center, Hastings, Room 101

Session 6: Saturday * 11/10/18 * 9 am-4 pm * $75
PDEV CT006-06 * Room: LT-304


Community Health Worker Certificate
The Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA), in collaboration with Kellogg Community College, is offering Community Health Worker training and certification. The curriculum is designed to train front-line health workers to provide culturally responsive services in Michigan communities. Each of the 8 core competencies are presented in modules that promote the development of the skills needed to become gainfully employed as a community health worker and enhance the knowledge base of those already employed in that profession. The internship consists of field experiences in local agencies where the focus is for the student to apply and integrate their course work into practice. Students currently employed as CHWs will complete the internship at their place of work. Individuals who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion signed by MiCHWA. Successful completion of the program does not guarantee employment but does enhance your employability in the community health worker profession. The program consists of: 126 Training Hours (in-class sessions, homework, exams, independent study) plus 40 Internship Hours (if not employed as a CHW), along with other prerequisites. For more information about the program, the curriculum, and the pre-requisites please contact Rebecca Lindsay, the MiCHWA Education Manager, at 734-998-6031 or To register contact Abbie, Lifelong Learning, 269-965-4134 or

Wednesdays * 9/5/18-11/28/18 * 8 am-5 pm * $1,080 * Room: LT-303



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