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The Complete Guide to Improving Your Online Security and Defending Your Privacy
In our always-on society we generate a lot of data, with some estimates suggesting 28,875 GB per second. Within this massive trove of data we divulge a huge amount of personal information. From our cloud-based photo collection, to the websites we visit, it’s getting easier for malicious attackers to do the digital equivalent of rummaging through our garbage. Go beyond just deleting cookies or temporary Internet files and learn how to remove your personal information (digital footprint) from databases, delete existing personal data, encrypt your email so only the person you are sending it to can read it, and ensure your identity online is safe and secure. You can surf the web anonymously and we’ll show you how to keep all of your information 100% encrypted whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer; plus, you’ll leave with a link to software to help you do just that! Come to this class and learn how to protect yourself and your information.

Tuesday * 10/2/18 * 6-9 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
COMP CAB03-01 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-105


Introduction to MS Office
Computer skills are necessary in today’s world and in this class you’ll learn the basic use of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. This class moves at a comfortable pace with lots of support from your instructor. When you’re done with this class you will be ready for any basic word processing tasks, be able to create a spreadsheet and begin to analyze an assortment of data, get your point across and create eye-catching slides using picture presentations, and design a basic database that will allow you to access the information you need when you want it. Plus, you’ll walk away with a link to a Google drive site for extra training material and handouts that you will use in class and can refer to after class is done.

Mondays * 10/8/18-10/22/18 * 6-8 pm * $59 (member) $69 (non-member)
COMP CF006-01 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-103


Intermediate Level MS Office
Take your computer skills to the next level in this class. If you’ve taken the Introduction class this semester, then you’re ready to gain more computer skills and learn more of the intricacies of MS Word and MS Excel.

Mondays * 10/29/18-11/12/18 * 6-8 pm * $59 (member) $69 (non-member)
COMP CF006-02 * Randy Dirks * Room O-103


Best Deal! Both MS Office Classes for one low price and receive a Certificate of Completion to share with your boss or future employer!
Mondays * 10/8/18-11/12/18 * 6-8 pm * $99 (member) $119 (non-member)
COMP CF012-01 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-103


Create a Website with Weebly
Weebly is a very popular, robust and reliable website builder that takes away the need to know HTML coding. If you are looking to build a business website or a personal website to showcase your hobbies or interests, then this new class on the Weebly drag and drop website builder is for you. We’ll share the basics about this very user-friendly and intuitive-to-use website builder, and the beauty is that you don’t have to know how to build code and you can create a basic website for free!

Wednesdays * 10/10/18-10/24/18 * 6-8 pm * $39 (member) $49 (non-member)
COMP CR006-01 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-103


Making & Editing Videos Using Your Phone – NEW
Anyone can take a selfie or upload a silly video to YouTube—but it takes practice and skill to shoot professional-looking frames and make your own video that people will actually want to watch. Join us and you’ll create hands-on projects that make it fun to learn all aspects of video production—from planning and scripting to filming and editing. Learn the language of video and how to think like a director, regardless of the equipment you’re using. Bring your smart phone with video capability and we’ll share the basics of video production: framing, lighting, sound, and editing. Whether you’re starting a Vlog, creating a YouTube channel, or sharing funny stories online with friends and family, if you want to make it look great then you want to take this class. NOTE: Bring your video capable phone and its USB cord to class with you along with a flash drive of 32G or more to save your work.

Thursdays * 10/11/18-11/15/18 * 6-8 pm * $59 (member) $69 (non-member)
COMP CAM12-01 * Don Worthington * Room: Davidson Building, D-101


Cloud Storage: Which One is Right for You?
Everyone talks about the “cloud” and it’s not about the weather! Join us to explore the variety of cloud storage options available today and decide which one is right for your needs. We’ll cover the pros and cons of iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Drop Box. By the time you leave you’ll know your “cloud” choice and how to use it.

Thursday * 11/8/18 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $25 (non-member)
COMP CX002-02 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-103


Windows Computer File Management
It seems so basic, but most of us don’t really know how to take advantage of the benefits of skillful computer file management. Join us to learn all aspects of Windows file management and how to organize your computer so you can always find everything you need, when you need it. We’ll cover file naming conventions, types of files, where they’re stored, folder structure, Windows Libraries, backing up files and where to save them. Plus, we’ll share tips for what to do if you can’t open up a file, temp files, converting files from one format to another, how to sync files and how to save files off the Internet in a format you can use. You’ll leave with a CD full of software and instruction manuals you can use at home.

Monday * 11/19/18 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $25 (non-member)
COMP CX002-01 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-103


Everything Windows 10 – NEW
This class is sure to give you what you need to navigate Windows 10 with ease. We’ll cover how to customize your desktop so it meets your needs, how to create a back-up routine so you’re always protecting and saving your important information, online resources to help you find what you want when you need it, plus, basic troubleshooting tips so you won’t miss a minute of productivity.

Monday * 12/3/18 * 6-9 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
COMP CAF03-01 * Randy Dirks * Room: O-103


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