Computers & Technology

Introduction to MS Office

Computer skills are necessary in today’s world and in this class you’ll learn the basic use of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Access. This class moves at a comfortable pace with lots of support from your instructor. When you’re done with this class you will be ready for any basic word processing tasks, be able to create a spreadsheet and begin to analyze an assortment of data, get your point across and create eye-catching slides using picture presentations, and design a basic database that will allow you to access the information you need when you want it. Plus, you’ll walk away with a link to a Google drive site for extra training material and handouts that you will use in class and can refer to after class is done. NOTE: This class will be held on KCC’s main campus, 450 North Avenue, Battle Creek MI in the Ohm Building, Room 103. Parking is available off the Central Street entrance to the College. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of this class.

Saturdays * 9/30/17-10/21/17 * 12-2 pm * $59 (member) $69 (non-member)
COMP CF008-01 * Randy Dirks

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Intermediate Level MS Office

Take your computer skills to the next level in this class. If you’ve taken the Introduction class this semester, then you’re ready to gain more computer skills and learn more of the intricacies of MS Word, Excel and Access. NOTE: This class will be held on KCC’s main campus, 450 North Avenue, Battle Creek MI in the Ohm Building, Room 103. Parking is available off the Central Street entrance to the College You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of this class.

Saturdays * 10/28/17-11/18/17 * 12-2 pm * $59 (member) $69 (non-member)
COMP CF008-02 * Randy Dirks

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Best Deal! Both MS Office Classes for one low price!

Saturdays * 9/30/17-11/18/17 * 12-2 pm * $99 (member) $119 (non-member)
COMP CF016-01 * Randy Dirks

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Skill Building: Keyboarding & Mouse Moves – NEW

If I say “QWERTY” keyboard, do you know what I mean? Are you a two (or one!) finger typist? In this class, before we even start with the keyboarding instruction we’ll spend time on how to effectively use and hold the mouse. It’s not intuitive and if you don’t use it properly you can create bad habits that are hard to break. We’ll have fun doing a variety of skill-building activities that will help you in both using the mouse and developing good keyboarding skills. No more one-finger typing for you! Increased productivity and efficiency are just two of the benefits of this class; don’t miss the opportunity to increase your skills while having fun!

Mondays * 10/2/17-10/16/17 * 6-7:30 pm * $30 (member) $40 (non-member)
COMP CG005-01 * Randy Dirks

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Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone

You have finally picked up that iPhone you have always wanted, but now you are stumped on how to maximize its use and turn it into a practical and useful tool that goes beyond making calls, taking pictures and stalking your friends on Facebook. You want it to be a practical and useful tool. Learn valuable tips and ways to make the most out of your iPhone and its apps; you’ll love your iPhone even more after this new class. NOTE: This class is designed only for users of the Apple iPhone product and you should bring your iPhone to class.

Thursday * 10/5/17 * 6-9 pm * $29 (member) $35 (non-member)
COMP CT003-01 * Tom Rose

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Email & You – NEW

We can’t live without our email, can you? In this class we’ll explore a variety of email programs, how to handle attachments, having multiple accounts and why you should do that, ways to manage spam and safe email practices. Plus, you’ll learn about a variety of email options and phishing schemes and how to recognize one when it shows up in your inbox. Finally, we’ll show you an easy way to encrypt your email so it is as private as it can be in this day and age of hacking.

Wednesday * 10/11/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $25 (non-member)
COMP CG002-01 * Randy Dirks

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iPad 1: The Basics & Settings

Have you recently purchased an iPad and feel challenged by all of the features? In this class you’ll learn about the basics of the iPad. We’ll focus on the main apps to get you started using your iPad: settings, calendar, contacts, and mail. Setting up your e-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, or others) is a breeze, and we’ll show you how. Then we’ll show you how to add your contacts and schedule a date in the calendar (including how to set a reminder so you won’t forget). NOTE: This class is designed only for users of the Apple iPad product and you should bring your iPad to class.

Thursdays * 10/12/17-10/19/17 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
COMP CT004-01 * Tom Rose

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iPad 2: Using the Default Apps

Some of the best apps for the iPad come pre-installed. So before you hit the app store in search of the perfect app, you will want to familiarize yourself with the apps that come with the iPad. This class will show you the best of these—from FaceTime to Newstand—plus much more. We will discuss security issues and how to determine reliable application downloads to protect your iPad investment. NOTE: This class is designed only for users of the Apple iPad product and you should bring your iPad to class.

Thursdays * 11/2/17-11/9/17 * 6-8 pm * $25 (member) $35 (non-member)
COMP CT004-02 * Tom Rose

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iPad 3: Advanced Tips – NEW

If you’re a regular user of an iPad then you’ll want to learn the advanced tips, tools and apps that are available to you. In this class we’ll share how to control notifications, mirror your iPad on another device or TV, use iCloud to back-up your iPad, plus much more!

Thursday * 11/16/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $30 (non-member)

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Best Deal! All iPad classes for only $59

Thursdays * 10/12/17-11/16/17 * 6-8 pm *$59 (member) $79 (non-member)
COMP CT008-01 * Tom Rose

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Computer Quickie: Questions & Answers – NEW

Join us for a one-hour question and answer session with our favorite computer guy. You’ll be able to ask him questions about any computer related subject and he’ll give you the answer! If you’d like, you can email your questions in advance to (just put Q&A in the subject line). That way he’ll be sure to have an answer for you!

Monday * 10/23/17 * 6-7 pm * $15 (member) $20 (non-member)
COMP CG0-01-01 * Randy Dirks

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Computer Quickie: Excel – NEW

It’s a one-hour session where Excel is the focus. Do you need help setting up a worksheet or using basic tools in Excel? Join us and we’ll get you going and answer your questions along the way.

Monday * 10/30/17 * 6-7 pm * $15 (member) $20 (non-member)
COMP CG001-02 * Randy Dirks

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Computer Quickie: Internet Search Tips & Tricks – NEW

Are you always confounded and confused when you enter search terms in Google and a bunch of unlikely stuff pops up? Join us in this one-hour session to learn about Boolean searches, Google Scholar, how to choose good keywords and how to evaluate the information you find on the Internet. Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean it’s true.

Monday * 11/6/17 * 6-7 pm * $15 (member) $20 (non-member)
COMP CG001-03 * Randy Dirks

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Best Deal – Take all 3 Computer Quickie classes for one low price

Mondays * 10/23/17-11/6/17 * 6-7 pm * $35 (member) $45 (non-member)
COMP CG003-01 * Randy Dirks

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Windows 10 Overview

Yes, Windows 10 has some big differences from earlier versions, and in this workshop we’ll share those differences along with handy reference guides you’ll be able to use later. Don’t miss a minute of productivity, or get frustrated wondering where Microsoft has hidden what you need, right now! This class is sure to give you what you need to navigate Windows 10 with ease.

Wednesday * 11/1/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $30 (non-member)
COMP CG002-02 * Randy Dirks

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Computer Organization & Maintenance Basics – NEW

Do you get mad every time you go to find something on your computer (that you know is there), and then can’t find it? Or, what do you do when your computer is moving so s-l-o-w-l-y that you’re about to lose your mind? It’s so frustrating when these things happen and in this class you’ll learn how to create, move, copy and delete folders/files; plus, we’ll show you how to easily organize your files and photos. Then you’ll get some basic computer maintenance tips including disk cleanup, disk defragmenting, and how to get rid of temporary Internet files and cookies. We’ve even got a quick way to use Windows Explorer to delete your unwanted files. Don’t be frustrated by the little machine on your desk—join us and you can enjoy using your computer again!

Tuesday * 11/7/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $25 (non-member)
COMP CY002-02 * Randy Dirks

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The Power of Google Docs – NEW

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms are free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program and survey program respectively, all part of a software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. The suite allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating with other users in real-time. Join us to learn the best ways to access and use this online tool.

Wednesday * 11/8/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $30 (non-member)
COMP CL002-01 * Randy Dirks

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Skill Building: Cut/Copy/Paste & Creating PDFs – NEW

Oh yes, there are tips you don’t know about how to cut, copy and paste and we’re here to show them to you. Gain efficiency and productivity as you learn quick and easy ways to get things done in MS Office. Plus, we’ll share why you might want to use a PDF file when sharing information with others along with how to save files in this format.

Tuesday * 11/14/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $25 (non-member)
COMP CG002-03 * Randy Dirks

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Cloud Storage: Which One is Right for You? – NEW

Everyone talks about the “cloud” and it’s not about the weather! Join us to explore the variety of cloud storage options available today and decide which one is right for your needs. We’ll cover the pros and cons of iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Drop Box. By the time you leave you’ll know your “cloud” choice and how to use it.

Thursday * 11/30/17 * 6-8 pm * $20 (member) $25 (non-member)
COMP CG002-05 * Tom Rose

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eBay 101: The Basics of Selling! – NEW

Whether you simply want to clear the closet, desire additional part-time income or a serious eBay business, this class is your foundation. Join us to learn how to set up an eBay Seller account, create successful eBay listings, upload pictures and accept credit card payments with PayPal. Plus, we’ll include selling “Tips, Tricks and the Traps” to avoid. We’ll cover how to determine shipping costs, where to get free shipping supplies, how to print shipping labels from your home computer and get the US Postal Service to pick it up for free. Optional eBooks will be available for purchase after class. The class is taught by a multi-award winning instructor and published eBay author from Seattle.

Saturday * 12/2/17 * 1-4 pm * $59 (member) $69 (non-member)
COMP CU003-01 * Kevin Boyd

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