Department Copiers

Copiers (MFDs) are located in office areas across campus and at regional centers. All copiers with the exception of the following locations can be accessed by all staff: Library and Downtown Office.

To access a copier (MFD) just use your Kellogg Community College K-ID number and password (exact same one you use for the portal, email, or computers). New staff (regular and adjunct) will be added automatically as long as paperwork submitted to Information Services (IS) includes the cost center(s) the employee should be added to.

Copier (MFD) Locations:

Lane-Thomas Building:

1st Floor Room 105
2nd Floor Room 205
3rd Floor Room 302 (restricted access)

Davidson Building:

Building under renovations relocated to Mawby Center Room 326 (restricted access)

Swartz Building:

Science Department Room 106 (restricted access)

Student Center Upper Level:

Registrar’s Office (restricted access)
Admissions Office

Student Center Lower Level:

Student Service Workroom

Ohm Building:

Financial Aid/Business Office (restricted access)
Information Technology Office Room 201

Severin Building:

Social Science Office Room 139

Whitmore Building:

Accounts Payable Office Room 102

Roll Building:

2nd Floor Nursing Dept. Office Room 209-2 (restricted access)
3rd Floor Room 301
4th Floor Room 405

Classroom “C” Building:

1st Floor KCC Foundation Office Room 101B
4th Floor Offices (2 copiers) Room 401

Fehsenfeld Center:

Main Office Room 126

Grahl Center:

Main Office Room 107


Front Office Area


Front Office Area


Coin Operated – Open Computer Lab Area (not programed for all staff use)

Downtown Office

Back Office Area (not programed for all staff use)

Need copier training?

How to Login to the Copiers
Having trouble logging into a copier?

Need copier repair services or supplies?

Please contact Print and Document Services at:
extension 2568 or email at