KCC Culture Initiative

The culture of an organization can have a dramatic impact on how it functions.

We already know KCC is a caring community as demonstrated by the focus on students, years of service of employees, the personal efforts made when someone is in need and the high participation of employees in KCC activities. We want to ensure that this approach continues as workforce needs change, employees retire, new employees are hired and the College’s mission evolves. To that end, the Culture Initiative was launched. This initiative is focused on:

  1. Assessing and describing the culture at KCC by surveying employees;
  2. Determining what other things can be done to further develop and enhance our culture; and
  3. Ongoing continuous improvement through interactive assessments and feedback.

To see more detail on the scope of the initiative, you can view the Charter: 5-Culture Initiative Charter rev.100614

Culture Action Teams are Underway!

After conducting an intensive survey, followed by two rounds of interactive working groups with employees, key opportunities were identified as first steps (see Background). Action Teams were formed and made up of employee volunteers. These employee-driven Action Teams are charged with utilizing the data that was gathered, gathering any additional information needed, and implementing changes. These teams have formed and are working on their task. They welcome participation from other employees who want to play a role either as a team member, or as specific projects arise.

Core Team

Purpose: Facilitate the assessment of the College’s culture. This supports the ability of the College to determine ways to continuously improve the culture of the organization in support of the College’s mission to serve our students and community.

Members: Brad Fuller, Donald Montgomery, Lisa A. Shanks, Michael M. Gagnon, Roderick E. Simmons, Timeaka Reese, Terah F. Zaremba, Timothy J. Bond

Communication Framework Team

Purpose: Identify existing communication resources and develop methods to help organize, streamline and improve two-way information flow for employees.

Members: Amy Shreve, Colin McCaleb, Karel Asbury, Kim Andrews-Bingham, Kristen Stolz, Sara Reed, Mary Green (Core Team Liaisons: Roderick Simmons, Timeaka Reese, Brad Fuller)

Cross-Departmental Understanding Team

 Purpose: Define and develop what is needed to increase employee knowledge of cross-department processes to more accurately serve students by the end of the fiscal 2015 year.

 Members: Barbara Burdick, Abbie Brennan, Susan Leask, Judy Reed, Kelli Cowell, Casey Holbrook, Liia Thatcher, Jennifer Rodriguez, Pamela Edwards-Foy (Core Team Liaisons: Lisa Shanks, Tim Bond)

Goals Team

Purpose: Establish consistent performance goal setting and management system to be used College wide and implemented for 2015/16.

Members: Marcia Campbell, Teresa Durham, Gwyn James, Cindy Lingbeek (Core Team Liaisons: Ali Robertson, Terah Zaremba)

Committees and Work Groups Team

Purpose: Identify and define committees’, projects, and other cross-functional groups’ purposes, functions and membership, and determine ways to open them up to new members in an effort to create an atmosphere of growth and productivity to realize the full potential of all.

 Members: Shari Deevers, June Lewis, Naomi Livengood, Vicki Rivera, Colleen Wright (Core Team Liaison: Mike Gagnon)

We need you!

Contact any one of the team members listed above, or send an email to culturekcc@kellogg.eduTeams are continuing to look for members. If you would like to be involved, but aren’t sure you can be a full member at this time, let the team know you are interested. There may be ad-hoc tasks or input needed that may work for you.

We Welcome Questions

Browse through our Q&A list to see if your question has been answered. If not, please feel free to email your questions to culturekcc@kellogg.eduWe will get back to you directly and add the question and answer to the list for others.

Dig into the Background of the Initiative

 Step 1: Assess the Culture

In Nov. 2012, KCC employees were encouraged to participate in an anonymous online survey designed to help us understand the culture here. We had a tremendous response with 89 percent of employees taking part. This information will help them determine initiatives that may help drive the culture forward and reinforce current cultural strengths. If you’d like to learn more about the survey that was used, you can visit the site of our Consulting Partners at www.denisonconsulting.com

Step 2: Look at the Results

The survey provides a view of how our employee’s view the critical aspects of the KCC Culture. Behind this snapshot is detailed line items about very specific aspects of the organization. These detailed survey results are available internally at M: KCC Share/Human Resources/Culture.

Culture Survey Results graphic

 Step 3: Engage Employees to Dig into the Details

Over half of KCC employees participated actively in half-day sessions to dig deep into the survey result data. These workshops reviewed the data in detail. Employees then developed lists of the Top opportunitiesorganization’s Strengths and Opportunities. These two lists were the basis of follow up workshops that focused on the top Opportunities and resulted in the formation of the Action Teams. You can see every item employees covered in the workshops, as well as how those items were organized into Smart Goals and then actions teams by visiting the data in the internal Culture file at M: KCC/Share/Human Resources/Culture.


Step 4: Take Action

Volunteers were solicited for Action Teams to take on the key opportunities. They stay aligned through the Core team. The teams have adopted project management approaches forming individual charters and are currently working on their project plans.

More volunteers are welcome!

Contact any team member or email your interest to culturekcc@kellogg.edu.