403(b) Investment

A 403(b) Plan is a tax sheltered retirement savings plan. Eligible employees (all KCC Employees, except Student Employees) can contribute pre-tax dollars to their plan, which are invested in either an annuity contract or custodial account (mutual fund).

403(b) Universal Availability Notice 2018

Third party investment provider, the OMNI Group, for administration of the 403(b) Retirement Plans. OMNI is a leading 403(b) Administrator and takes on the responsibility to ensure that the College, its employee participants, and each of their investment providers and agents adhere to the many compliance regulations issued by the IRS. OMNI offers a wide range of educational services and tools such as calculators and projections as well.

2018 Contribution Limits

403(b)/457(b) Elective Deferrals                                                              $18,500.00

Catch-Up Contribution                                                                               $ 6,000.00

Combination Elective (above) and Employer contributions              $55,000.00


OMNI Newsletters provide great information. Read for helpful up-to-date tips.


To access the OMNI site, go to www.omni403b.com.

Step by Step Instruction on how to navigate the OMNI site are available here in PDF.

Step by Step Participant Instructions for OMNI Website

Are you ready to start payroll contributions towards your personal retirement account?

1.  Your first step will be to contact a participating 403(b) investment provider to establish your investment account.

The following vendors have signed contracts with KCC allowing their products to be used for 403(b) Investments:

Ameriprise                                     Oppenheimer

Aspire                                             VALIC

Horace Mann Life

Mass Mutual


2.  After working with your provider to establish your account, you will then need to complete an OMNI online Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) to initiate your deductions.

The Salary Reduction Agreement Form is found on the OMNI website (www.omni403b.com) or here in PDF.

Salary Reduction Agreement

Once the Salary Reduction Agreement has been submitted to the OMNI group, they will notify the Human Resources Office at KCC of your 403(b) investment deduction amount for future payroll processing.

3.  Changes can be processed through the Omni Group once your account has been established.

The Salary Reduction Agreement Form will need to be submitted for changes in  your contribution amount or stopping the contribution all together.  2014 SRA

Hardship Transactions can be processed with the Omni 403(b) Hardship Transaction Request Form.

Loans can be processed with the Omni 403(b) Loan Transaction Request Form.

Many additional videos and services are available on the Omni Group website.