Culture at KCC

The culture of an organization can have a dramatic impact on how it functions.

We already know KCC is a caring community as demonstrated by the years of service of employees, the personal efforts made when someone is in need and the high participation of employees in KCC activities. We want to ensure that this generous approach continues as workforce needs change, employees retire, new employees are hired and the College’s mission evolves.

To that end, we created the Culture Committee, which is attempting to assess and describe the culture at KCC by surveying employees. This will help determine what other things can be done to further develop and enhance our culture. View the committee’s charter, Q&A document and video introduction.

About the surveyculturesurveyworkshops

In November 2012, KCC employees were encouraged to participate in an anonymous online survey designed to help us understand the culture here. We had a tremendous response with 89 percent of employees taking part.

This led to the decision to hold workshops to dive into the survey results and provide information to the President and Vice Presidents. The workshops were held in April 2013 and open to all regular employees. To the right is a breakdown of which areas of KCC the participants represented.

This information will help them determine initiatives that may help drive the culture forward and reinforce current cultural strengths.

Snapshot of survey results

Survey resCulture Survey Results graphicults and other information covered in the workshops are available internally at M: KCC Share/Human Resources/Culture.





Next Steps

Culture Initiative Timeline graphic

Culture Initiative Timeline

The Culture Committee is organizing the workshop results data and will provide it to the President and Vice Presidents in late April. The plan is for groups to start making decisions regarding key initiatives. Information will be forwarded when those decisions are made. It is anticipated that work may continue to be identified through the fall of 2013.

Culture Committee members: Ali Robertson, Timothy Bond, Matthew Samra, Lisa Shanks, Michael Gagnon, Jacqueline Hallahan, Tonie McMaster, Donald Montgomery, Roderick Simmons, Thomas Shaw and Terah Zaremba. For more information, email


Learn more about the survey’s creator, Denison Consulting.