Restrict Access in Moodle

Using Restrict Access within your Moodle course can help pace a class. Activities, resources, and even whole topics/modules can use Restrict Access to control student access.

There are several criteria that can be used to restrict access, such as:

  •  Release on date/time: individual materials or even whole topics can be set to release on a specific date and time. This option may be used alone or along with the ‘hide on date/time’ option.
  • Hide on date/time: individual materials or even whole topics can also be hidden again on another specific date/time.
  • Grade: Allow access to other materials based on a specific grade (or grade range) on an activity.
  • User field: Allow access to materials based on a wide variety of user information (if they have a Skype ID entered, access could be granted to a Skype chat).
  • Activity completion: if certain activities or resources are marked complete (by criteria you determine), access is granted.

In the image below, you can see the resources and activities are grayed-out indicating they will remain hidden until the listed criteria is fulfilled.

For example, the “Introduction and Objectives” is hidden until the student completes the two discussion forums in Week 1 (they must post once and reply twice). Also in this example, the grayed-out items will remain completely hidden so the student will not see any indication of the items or the criteria needed to reveal the items.

Restrict Access Moodle Newsletter

Restrict Access can be a wonderful tool for automatically release each week’s topic within Moodle – you no longer need to remember to manually un-hide resources or activities.

Try pairing Restrict Access up with Activity Completion to control pacing (or create a self-paced course) within Moodle. For more information on using Restrict Access or setting this up within your course, please contact Tammy Douglas, Director of Learning Technologies.