Virtual Learning Collaborative

Kellogg Community College works with the Michigan Community College Association and member colleges to expand distance learning opportunities in Michigan. These organizations have created the Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) formerly known as Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative (MCCVLC).

The collaborative enables current Michigan community college students to take courses from other member colleges while still receiving support services and maintaining their academic record at their designated home college. For example, a Kellogg Community College student can take an online course taught by Northwestern Michigan College but receive the same student support services as he or she would receive if the course was taught by Kellogg Community College.

All Kellogg Community College online courses are normally listed on the MCO web site so that students from other community colleges can enroll in them. If you want your online course listed on the MCO site, contact the Director of Learning Technologies.

The MCO site has a variety of useful information still on the MCCVLC Staff page that faculty are encouraged to examine.