Alert Notification Sign-Up

KCC Alert Notifications is a notification system that allows Kellogg Community College to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile phones, email and/or pagers of their subscribers. In the event of a campus safety, weather and other emergencies, subscribers get notified immediately of the situation, wherever they are geographically.kcc-notification-alert-sign-up

Sign-Up Instructions

You can sign up to receive FREE weather and security alerts for a specific KCC campus location or for all KCC campus locations. Alerts can be received via text message to a mobile phone or pager, by email or to a wireless PDA. To get started, read the instructions and fill out the form below.

  • If you want to sign up for email alerts only, click the link on the bottom of this page and follow the directions.kcc-notification-alert
  • For text messaging alerts, follow the directions on the page. Create your username and password. Select the location(s) that you want to receive alerts for.
    • Enter an opt-out by date (date you no longer want to receive notifications) from the drop down menu – set the opt-out date for the end of an academic year or semester).
    • Enter your mobile number (phone or pager) and select the service provider from the pull down menu.
    • Click the Create Account button, and you will go to a validation screen. Wait! Do not click on the validate button until you receive a test text message or page with the validation code.kcc-notification-alert-email-only
  • Enter the validation code you receive in the message in the appropriate menu box, and then click the validate button.
  • Once you are successfully signed up, you can log in at any time to manage your account.

To sign up click here

Cancel or Stop Alertskcc-notification-alert-cancel

By going to the Bruin Portal and logging in to your account, you may opt-out of email/SMS/voice alerts, a particular group of alerts or the entire service. If you cannot access your account, reply to any text message from us or send a new text message to 79516 or 70359 with the word STOP as the first word of the message. This will remove you from all KCC Alert Notification text messages.